Corsair 600T Watercooling & Modding Guide

No you cant use a hammer Jeremy

Corsair 600T Watercooling & Modding Guide  

Whats a Dremel?

So its a weird one, we review PC cases all the time and then the forums light up with those crazy people that want to fit kit in their brand spanking new PC case that technically it wasn't designed for. Those crazy people are fairly innovative and we would generally call them a 'modder'. The thing is every one of us at OC3D has a history with custom builds yet its something that we have let slip in the last couple years. Well times are changing and we are going back to our roots, the news has gone and over the coming weeks you will see more and more content with the staff doing what got us hooked in the first place. Modding.

A corsair 600T may seem a strange place to start but it still sells hand over fist and there had to be at least 20 white ones at the recent i45 event, so when Corsair graced the OC3D office with a very rare, and by rare I mean not gone into production yet Gunmetal Grey Special Edition 600T it seemed like a chance we could'nt miss. Just talking about this new colour wouldn't be the easiest thing in the world so in addition to a colour based video on YouTube we have also made this modding guide which obviously stands for all of the 600T's currently available and even the grey one when it finally hits the retailers.

So lets move on to the video, if you are interested in doing this to your own case get a pen and a bit of paper because it will help to take notes and we will link the major parts we used in the video below for you.



XSPC EX360 kit - A great place to start for a complete novice, or use this as a guide if you want to hand pick your own parts.

Alphacool NexXxos ST30 - 30mm thick all copper 360mm radiator, and excelent alternative to the XSPC rad above.

Phobya Xtreme 200mm - 200mm radiator perfect for the front of the 600T

Alphacool Repack Single Drive Bay Res - Great compact res with the ability to fit up to 2 of the ceramic pumps.

XSPC Dual Bay D5 Res- XSPC new dual bay reservoir for the D5 pump.

Alphacool Dual D5 Res - The Alphacool unit has a more open design to the XSPC and also have the ability to fit two D5's!

Now the video and the above parts are just a guide to give you all some inspiration, the best advise we can ever give is think about what you are doing or buying before you do it and most importantly don't rush. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say and to chuck another saying in great things come to those who wait. As ever if you need any help or advise be sure to hit up the crew on the OC3D Forums who will be more than willing to steer you down the right path. 

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Most Recent Comments

22-05-2012, 07:42:45


Wonder if anyone can help me. I got a old pc and the power supply blew. Now I'm wondering if there is anyway to test if the motherboard still works without testing it with a power supply?

Also will the Thermaltake Litepower Power Supply - 600W work on GIGABYTE 965P-DS4 ?

Thanks in advance

PC is stone age :frown:
Specs are:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz (intel)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965p-DS4
Graphic card: Gigabyte GT 7900
Hdd: 800 gig SATA
Ram: 4 gigs
Power supply: A-open 500 (but it not working anymore.)

22-05-2012, 07:58:33

It will be more than enough, but it's better to go with a small reliable PSU lika e corsair CX430w. I don't think there is anyway to test without a power supply

22-05-2012, 10:05:36

go through neweggs daily deals you can find cheap psu's in there everyday good ones too

22-05-2012, 10:25:10

If you plan on building a new computer down the road maybe you should buy a power source with that in mind. would your new computer run one, two or three graphics cards? If you are like most it will only be one card. If it will be one card a 600-700w ps might be just what you need.

To make things simple for you I would look for a single rail ps in that range. ideally it would have at least 2x pci-e 6+2 pin cables.
keep in mind that with a little bit of wattage headroom your ps will last longer then if you push it to its limit every day. a 600-700w ps should give you that headroom with any card you want.

as for testing with out a ps not a snowballs chance in...
but you could look closely at it under bright lights and see if there is any ovious electrical damage, burnt components or the like. if you see any might as well assume it will never work right again.

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