PCIe 3.0 Officially Sanctioned by PCI-SIG

"PCI Express 3.0 is officially out to members of the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG); the group has listed the specifications on its website."

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PCI Express 3.0 is officially out to members of the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG); the group has listed the specifications on its website. With the specifications officially available, we should soon see the next generation of motherboards and GPUs featuring the high-speed interface make their way into the market.

Under the new specifications, devices equipped with PCIe 3.0 will be able to transfer data at speeds of nearly 1GB/sec. This is double of the existing transfer rates under PCIe 2.0. No doubt the transfer rate is for a single lane in a single direction, but with a 16-lance connection, this would translate into a bandwidth that is almost 32GB/sec.

Alongside the higher data transfer rates, the PCI-SIG has also cleared a new 128b/130b encoding scheme that makes PCIe 3.0 nearly 25 per cent more efficient than the existing specification. So while data-rate has only gone from 5GT/sec to 8GT/sec, the effective bandwidth has doubled.

The best part about PCIe 3.0 however is that if the fully backward compatible with all existing standards. This means most existing and older GPUs will work just as smoothly with new motherboards sporting the new specifications. Perhaps the only drawback or perhaps shortfall for PCIe 3.0 is its release timing – both Intel and AMD have already announced their complete new series of chips and will still carry PCIe 3.0. So it might be some time before the new specifications come into regular use.

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09-11-2010, 15:46:39

Sorry but got to be said, inside a case Id rather have all the hot air blown out the PCI slots, Ive had a couple of ati 4870's that had a heatsink like that bottom picture and while it did keep things cool the case got rather toasty.

Hot air out the back for me thanks you muchly........ looks at 5970 mmmmm thats the way.

09-11-2010, 18:26:29


$11,000 !!! :o I take two :)

But just imagine the piles and piles of pointless crap you could make 'just because' ! :lol:

09-11-2010, 18:35:11

Nop had two 120mm fans blowing in from the bottom and two sucking out at the top, but then I was running crossfire with them so the first card was nearly melting all the time, just not a fan of it tbh, stems from my watercooling days as Id rather have the radiator blowing out of the case instead of blowing hot air into the case.

09-11-2010, 18:43:42

warm air is not what causes a GPU to get really hot. When I run my 5770s right next to one another the top one runs 15c hotter. But that isn't because of the cooler (even though it's the one you like better) it's because it simply can't breathe. The hottest part of a GPU is the back. Or, the top. And that heat rises no matter what cooler you are using dude. If you butt them up together it doesn't matter what cooler you are using as the top card is going to be getting all of the really hot parts of the air rising and it will be sucked straight in by the blower.

It isn't just a blower cooler than can exhaust air from the back. If a dual fanned cooler was designed correctly to suck in air and give it nowhere to go but out of the back that's where it would go.

So, that all leads to what is the most important things to keep cool inside your PC.

1. The GPUs. Seeing as they're pretty much the hottest thing you use.

2. The CPU. Which has an outlet for its heat directly behind the heatsink.

3. The northbridge.

All of which do not seem to suffer the adverse effects of warm air in the case.

So, in order to keep 1 as cool as possible it would be best to use the best cooling solution available to keep it as cool as you can. And that isn't a blower fan on account of them being notoriously crap when compared to a decent cooler. Most of the reason for that I explained at the beginning of the thread. Look at the paltry actual cooler on the 470. It's that small because it has to make way for a full depth fan. Meaning less space for the cooler, less space for the fan, less cooling overall.

There will never ever be a (Edit, air) solution to keeping both cards in an SLI or Crossfire setup at the same low temps. With ATX and PCIE slots it just isn't possible. If sometime in the future GPUS become a single chip design akin to a CPU and you could have more exhaust fans? sure. It would be perfectly possible to have them at the same temps. But all the time science comes into play (cold air falling and hot air rising) you are always going to be in a lose lose situ due to the terribly old ATX/AT design. I mean you have to accept that ATX is pretty much knocking on 20 years old (seeing as how it derrived from AT and nothing has really changed too much since then. The major difference with ATX over AT was how the PSU switched on your hardware)

09-11-2010, 18:49:05

I would happily beg to differ and be here all night, but I was happy to switch to a 5970 and have one card which blows out the back and kept everything inside the case as mine isnt what you would call thermodynamic for air cooling as the board is horizontal but I'd still prefer any card that kicks the heat out of the case instead of keeping it in as Ill take lower temps anywhere any day for overall stability when clocking the nuts off things.

09-11-2010, 18:55:55

All you would need to do with the dual or triple fan design dude is shroud it. The air being sucked into the fins would have nowhere to go but out of the back of the case :)

10-11-2010, 09:27:49

I am pretty sure i posted a reply in this thread :blink:
is this deleted without a warning or anything?

because then i am getting a very nasty FM feeling here and i am DEF not liking this :(

10-11-2010, 09:32:40

Well unless it was sweary I would doubt it dude.

Don't worry about an opinion I can take it :D

10-11-2010, 09:36:27


Well unless it was sweary I would doubt it dude.

Don't worry about an opinion I can take it :D

Yea i know you can, you are im my opnion a very respected member on here and have a lot of knowledge ,
and my post was a very normal post no swearing at all , i just asked something :(

10-11-2010, 09:40:34

Hah. I'm an Ahole in the eyes of the net bro :D

It's my humility and understanding of other people's opinions that is hard to see. TBH to me unless something is completely and utterly factually wrong then it's just an opinion.

Christopher Hitchens = my hero :)

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