Danger Den release 295 block

"Tame Nvidias twin-chip behemoth with Danger Dens new water block"

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Danger Den release their 295 full-cover water block.

Danger Dens GTX295 Water BlockIf you are fortunate enough to be the owner of Nvidias flagship graphics card, the GTX295, then Danger Dens new water block is bound to be of interest.

Compatible with all the reference card designs it is a full-cover style block, to help keep the temperatures of the whole card low, rather than just the GPU chip.

It's a sandwich of copper on the outside, with the fittings screwing directly into the copper, and a Delrin/Acetal centre to port the waterflow. This has also been designed to have low flow restriction to help maintain the pressure within your loop.

Hand lapped, pressure tested and available with all the fixtures and fittings you need.

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Most Recent Comments

27-01-2009, 15:24:54

I wouldn't spend money on fast hard drives because its not for the server, its for managing the server.

27-01-2009, 15:33:15

If it's for remote management of a server, then any junker will do, he only needs a 10" netbook with an Atom CPU with 512MB of ram and integrated graphics... lol.

I thought he was one of those power user blokes we hear so little about.

27-01-2009, 16:35:59


hey all,

mate of mine has been asked to get a laptop for work.
It is to run as a server, web server, Database server, it will be to demo products to clients.

they have a budget of about £3000.

so it needs to be a powerful machine.

Since it will be running a virtual server etc i think we are looking at the sort of 3ghz CPU area and 8gb ram.



27-01-2009, 17:00:36

So it is settled then, he needs the beast that is Lenovo W700. With the baddest mobile quad core (QX9300) and an upgrade from 4GB to 8GB.

I think it should fit the bill and the budget. BTW, you can find Dell Latitude models and also HP's that would be similar, but the Lenovo should have a cool Wacom digitizer as an option which would be kinda cool at presentations.

28-01-2009, 06:05:38


Not exactly, I am saying that the Quadro can do whatever the GTS can do. The GTS can do most things the Quadro can. But both products use the same GPU.

But for the intended use of the laptop, there is no difference.

The quadro ranges do indeed have the same gpu cores as their geforce equiv, but not too much similarities after that.

From that point u are looking at the costings, for whatever u pay for the "geforce" gpu, u can times that by.... anything from 3 to 10 for a quadro.

Hence, and being as he won't need a quadro for any cad work or stereo imagining, live broadcasting, I'd save anything upwards of £1000 and get a latop without - concentrating my money on what the other important required features are and settle for a.... 9700m.

For example, the quadro will not play a game as well as a geforce and a geforce wont do cad as well as a quadro.

28-01-2009, 10:12:29

He won't game on it, he won't do CAD on it... so, if he can afford it... for him the rest of the system is important, find another laptop with better build quality, same components and better price... and post it here so he can have more then one choice.

So far we only gave him the Lenovo W700, and just hints that there are other laptops out there (Dell, HP) that inspire professionalism and are acceptable for business use during meetings with important clients... but are they better and cheaper for the intended use?

28-01-2009, 11:23:45

How about quoting a server laptop akin to the Eurocom Phantom 9xx series ?

Less then £1500, and more credibly component-ed.

(As opposed to £1000 on the table straight away for a quadro, which was the point I was trying to make)

28-01-2009, 12:14:13

The problem with the Phantom is that it uses desktop components. It is hot as hell, heavy as 12 kilos of mortar (without the power brick), battery life in so low they should just take it out completely...

And yes, you can get the Phantom with a Quadro :). So, while it ditches the Quadro it goes very wrong in all other departments that should make a laptop... well... a laptop. It has power at a low price, but it might cost you more then you expect. I don't see anyone carrying around that piece of concrete around for a whole day.

I just want to make a point: I am not trying to make him buy a Quadro. The problem is that the W700 comes with one. Except for that, the rest of the laptop is exactly what he needs.

I don't think the Quadro 2700 is 1000 anyway, but I don't know how much it is exactly. With Lenovo you pay for the name, for the product placement in the business class, for better materials, for better build quality, not just for the sum of the parts.

28-01-2009, 12:26:27

I'd suggest taking a look at the components (noting the mobility suffixes) in this section:


U can put in it whatever u require, or leave out, whichever the case.

28-01-2009, 14:44:50


U can put in it whatever u require, or leave out, whichever the case.

All the Quads there are Desktop parts (all 95W TDP) which means a massive cooling solution, added weight, low battery life. It can fit 2 mobile graphics cards in SLI and three HDDs... This thing is massive and heavy.

It's not a laptop, it's a DTR... it will burn rubber like there's no tomorrow, but it won't move from where you install it the first time. The power brick must be massive and heavy also (220W).

I can't argue with the price however, but with no constraints in size you can have a simpler design that will cost less to implement.

I mean look at these:

that's a lot of metal

thickness is two to three times the norm.

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