Thermaltake DuOrb Gets Fierce with NVIDIA 8800GT and ATi HD3870

"Thermaltake releases their new GPU cooler for the 8800GT and 3870"

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Thermaltake DuOrb Gets Fierce with NVIDIA 8800GT and ATi HD3870

With the blast of media recommendations and heated online discussions, you have probably heard of the legendary performance of Thermaltake DuOrb universal VGA cooler. But what you have not known of is that it fits with both the new NVIDA 8800GT and ATi HD 3870 VGA cards. Thermaltake announces the extended compatibility of DuOrb today with the in house lab findings.

The breakthrough design of the ScurveTM double fans on DuOrb enables greater cooling performance as well as the visual stimulation. Yes, not just the cooling performance, but the beauty of DuOrb is also part of the comments from those who have had actual experiences with the cooler. Despite the twin orb innovation, the pure copper construction of DuOrb also accounts for the external shine of DuOrb; moreover, with the extra copper heat pipes carrying heat to two different sourced heat radiating fins, DuOrb cools twice as fast and efficient as the traditional coolers with single radiating source.

     The latest member of the Thermaltake Orb family, DuOrb, continues the technology and innovation fame of Thermaltake all these years. Fitting with all high-end video cards currently on the market including the latest NVIDIA 8800GT and ATi HD 3870, DuOrb has brought VGA cooling of all gamers and PC enthusiasts to the next professional level.

      Link to the DuOrb product page and find out more now:

Thermaltake DuOrb Universal VGA Cooler

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Most Recent Comments

29-11-2007, 10:03:11

can all motherboards have the cpu cooled? if not how do you know i it can or not?

29-11-2007, 10:09:37

Socket mountings are an industry standard across all motherboards. So, baring a few things like cap sizes and stupid PWM sinks, any cpu can be water cooled on any motherboard with either socket specific of universal blocks.

29-11-2007, 15:41:17

AFAIK all new Intel 775 and AMD AM2 boards come with socket surround holes for the Waterblock mounting hardware to pick up on..

Back a few years ago there were some boards for Intel 478 and AMD Socket A (462) which didnt have the mounting holes so quite a few block manufacturers made mounting hardware which would use the original mounting lugs around the socket.

I remember getting so many emails from people "Hi i have a Intel 478 motherboard and want to water cooling it with but there is no mounting holes around the socket, would you recomend drilling your own?"


30-11-2007, 05:14:09

ROFL now that is ghetto to the max x10 :D

@barginbin: As Rob has said many water block manufacturers now provide universal mounting hardware when they can. However, on older sockets you run the risk of not being able to.

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