Thermaltake Unwraps External ProWater PW880i LCS Cooler

"Cooling solutions manufacturer Thermaltake recently unveiled the ProWater PW880i LCS as a complete water cooling solution for the PC."

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Thermaltake Unwraps External ProWater PW880i LCS Cooler
The ProWater PW880i LCS external PC cooler from ThermaltakeCooling solutions manufacturer Thermaltake recently added an external cooling solution to its range of ProWater PC Coolers. According to the manufacturer, the ProWater PW880i LCS is a complete water cooling solution for the PC.
Designed around a P500 pump, which has the capacity to circulate 8.3 litres of water a minute, the PW880i keeps the system performing at optimal levels through a constant supply of fresh, cool water. A 28cm radiator equipped with twin 12cm fans keeps the water cool, while placing speed and sound controls of the fans firmly in the hands of the user. Water supply comes for the semi-transparent reservoir, which can be topped up as required.
The waterblock is pure copper and fits most mainstream Intel and AMD CPUs. The external design of the PW880i allows easy installation and maintenance without disrupting the internal airflow of the system. The easy mount bracket allows the entire system to be attached to the rear fan mount. Additional accessories are also available for the PW880i for users who require more cooling power.
These include a VGA waterblock for high-end GPUs such as the Radeon HD 4890, a North Bridge block, and the M connector that allows users to split the cooling among parallel blocks. The M connector makes sure the water reaching each block is the coldest possible, making it far superior to serial block installations.
There is no word so far from Thermaltake on pricing or availability. Pictures of the ProWater PW880i LCS though show it to be a mean looking setup with tons of cooling ability, and one to look forward to.
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Most Recent Comments

29-06-2009, 14:20:02

A QUALITY 500-600w will be fine.

29-06-2009, 14:54:15

As others have said I'd go for a ~600w unit. Just dont cheap out. Get something with good reviews, good effic, etc..

29-06-2009, 16:35:45

Corsair FTW dude if you got the 650w HX/TX youd be laughing.

29-06-2009, 17:31:35

either the Corsair 520 or the 650 as Tom says.I have a CM 700 which is powering my quad at 3.8,an overclocked 8800gt,2 80mm fans a pump,10 120mm fans 3hdds and a dvd writer

29-06-2009, 17:47:37

was looking at corsair hx620 :)

that should leave room for a monster gfx card too :)


02-07-2009, 06:15:31

you should be fine with a corsair hx series psu ,i ran a qx6800 at 4ghz, 8800gtx sli, and watercooling on a hx620 and it ran fine for the whole time i've had it

02-07-2009, 06:49:52

To tell the truth I doubt that system will draw much more than 300watts under load. I have done tests on mine at it doesn't go over 450watt.

I would go for a decent 500watt PSU for the head room.

02-07-2009, 17:47:01

Just one word of caution - from someone whose Silverstone Strider ST75F failed to power a single GTX275! I agree with the recs. above - corsair 620 should be ample for now & future - but given my problems (which I believe stem from over-sensitive protection given that my Strider is a 750W continuous quad SLi PSU) I would tend to favour PSUs with high capacity single 12V rails rather than multiple ones (this is probably a topic for endless debate & given the support corsair units get I'm sure will be spot on - er, and having just checked corsair spec which specifically says triple rails can share load, then doubly sure OK).

03-07-2009, 08:50:11


Such a system in it's current form will require require a quality 450W PSU with solid voltage rails. In the name of leaving headroom for anything that may consume rediculous amounts of power, I'd be looking at PSU's rated at 600W and higher. Make sure that any PSU that you buy is on 80PLUS' tested and approved list.

:worship: verbatim.

03-07-2009, 09:34:25

the 620 should be stable etc. and leave room for expansion to a dual gpu card then for example :)


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