UK Exclusive - Bitspower release limited edition ASUS MARS waterblock

"Bitspower have released their limited edition waterblock for the ASUS MARS, find out more in our UK Exclusive preview"

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UK Exclusive - Bitspower release limited edition ASUS MARS waterblock
mars block 1Taiwanese PC cooling specialists, Bitspower have certainly come a long way in a short time. A couple of years ago they were relatively unknown on the scene, but they’ve been shaking things up a lot recently with a combination of great design and striking quality.
They’ve definitely been innovative as well, with their waterblocks looking amazing. Bitspower are the only company dedicated enough to release a waterblock for ASUS’ flagship MARS GPU, the limited edition dual-PCB, dual-GTX285 powerhouse, of which only 1000 individually numbered cards have been made.
With the cards being so rare, it’s not at all surprising that these waterblocks will be even rarer. What may surprise you though is that Bitspower will individually number each block for the customer as well, to match the number on their MARS. That’s some serious attention to detail!
bitspower mars 2The block will be called the BP-WBVGNGTX285AM-BK Black Freezer VG-NGTX285AM Limited Edition.
Bitspowers official features are:
• Design for ASUS MARS GTX285 Dual PCB Limited Edition VGA Card.
• Direct-Flow Design On Inlet/Outlet.
• Included SLI Adapters.
• Stand-Off Design.
• Middle Base Made Of POM.
• Block Bases Made Of C1100.
• SLI Ready Application.
• Bottom High durability Nickel finished in Black.
• Can Be Fixed with Original Cover.
• RoHS Compliant.
mars block 3The block measures 251x121x33mm (LxWxH) and features standard G¼” fittings. Included are:
• 3.5g syringe of Arctic Silver 5 (A non-conductive paste like Ceramique or MX2 would be better but hey, it’s better than nothing)
• Fujipoly GR-d Thermal Pad
• A replacement O-Ring for the block
• 2 BP-BS90R Black Sparkle rotary angle G ¼” Adapters
• BP-BSWP-C07 Black Sparkle Direct-Plug Adapter (for SLI)
• BP-BSWP-C44 Black Sparkle Direct-Plug Adapter - 35MM Version Female Part only (Also for SLI)
• A full set of mounting hardware (hard-mount only)
OC3D will be the first and only site where you’ll get to see both a written and video review of the new block, so stay tuned.
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Most Recent Comments

28-10-2009, 08:26:57

GRR! What a load on nonsense.
Ment to be doing an essay on Professional Issues un Computing. Where that ties in with technical support I will never know, but it is a core unit, and needs to be done.
I really couldn't care about ITIL, about lobbying governments, about how IEEE has progressed through the years. I FIX PCS!
The computers are pathetic too, they randomly shut down, the mice are the cheapest crap, the keyboards are painful to use, the layout of rooms is terrible. I could do a better job! Oh and the PCs are full of useless bloatware, the internets about as fast as my phone, and the monitors give me a massive fing headache.
I am a HND technical support person, yet I only get a limited account as well, that you can do jack on.
But this Professional Issues things is really grinding my gears. I will NEVER use it, EVER. It is not as if its even slightly fun. I learned physics, hardly using that but its still fun. No where is learning about the BCS shakeup in 1985 even slightly fun. Its a joke.
Doesn't help that before this was an essay of Project Management. Again, I work as a techie, we don't bloody use that either! Gah, I really hate Wednesday mornings passionately


29-10-2009, 09:14:33

Figured I'd give it time to cool first.

What I was going to add it, when I started college (all those years ago), I got severly miffed at the things we were doing and proposed to be doing in later years. Some of it not up to date (imo) and some skills that were by the way-side, accounting, communication etc.

Being short on attention doesn't help, but getting increasingly irritated did play a part in my losing interest.

But, looking back, I really do wish I stuck with it.

I do understand wanting to be inside-kit, being hands-on, and not wanting to know about ITILs etc - BUT, these kind of things u will need to do in the future for the sake of advancement. Luckily enough I do have full access to any training I want in the position I have, and can take advantage of it. It's pretty darn late tho.

It is one thing to get a job and be in the position where ur playing with kit all day - I do it now and tbh I'm loving it - but it's been a case of "who u know" and contacts that have gotten me in the position rather than just applying to a group that don't know me and what I can offer. I have wasted 13 years orso in a management position that had nothing to do with the tech and had to contract to really get a handle on proper work.

In terms of advancement, I do earn good cash - not fantastic cash. If u want fantastic cash, u will need all those stupid/crazy ITILs type things to offer to people that inherently don't know much but understand the qualifications and courses. (IT people < computer people)

Chances are imo u r a computer person at heart, but we do unfortunately have to largely work in and around IT people and the industry.

Stick with it m8. Ride it out.

29-10-2009, 09:21:51

Agreed with Rast.

Sure you want to fix pcs now, but isn't likely to get you massively far. ITIL is an internationally recognised IT management framework and will help you get places if you've done it. For what it's worth too, ITIL can be pretty useful in understanding servicea management.

I'm doing a Business Analysis course right now and whilst it's a little light and fluffy in parts, I know an employer will be impressed to see it on my CV. I've even done an emotional intelligence course, which again sound fluffy, but is not only pretty damn useful, it looks great in my CV.

Bear with it mate, safe in the knowledge you're bound to be glad you did it somewhen in the future :)

30-10-2009, 03:57:12


That rant makes me chuckle when I read it in your scottish accent :')

31-10-2009, 12:48:09

Stick at it man. I am doing a BND in Communication Technology and last year we had to do Health and Safety (not the electronic kind of health and safety either).

What you are doing sound interesting to me. Also, never say never. ;)

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