Broadwell and Skylake to launch at the same time?

Broadwell and Skylake to Coexist?

Broadwell and Skylake to Coexist?

Broadwell and Skylake to Coexist on the Market?


Now with the Haswell-E prices confirmed, we have a look further into Intel's future lineup. Now we have a lot more information on Broadwell, Skylake and Intel's 100 series motherboards.

We will start off with Intel's Latest Roadmap which shows Broadwell and Skylake-S releasing at the same time. From all information we can find we know that Intel will be releasing Broadwell-K series CPU at the same time as Skylake-K, or non-overclocking series Processors.

Broadwell and Skylake to Coexist?  


When these CPUs will come to market is unclear, all we know is that they will come sometime in Q2. Both these CPUs will use Intel's 14nm process and Skylake will use Intel's 100 seriews chipsets with Broadwell using Intel's existing 9-series chipset.

Skylake will have the ability to use DDR4 memory, but also use older DDR3 memory. This will make the motherboard manufacturers a little nervous as they will have make motherboards that support each standard. The price will likely remain high until there is higher demand/production so DDR4 support may not be the selling point it sounds like.

Broadwell and Skylake to Coexist?  


One key change Skylake will bring is removing the FIVR (Full Integrated Voltage Regulator) off the CPU die and back onto the motherboard, which will decrease the CPU temperatures a bit. As said previously Skylake will launch without a K-series product, so it can be easily said that it is intended for business users and other non-overclockers.

 Broadwell and Skylake to Coexist?  


Above we can also see the SATA and PCI configurations of the upcoming 100-series linup, notice that even the budget h150 chipset can have advanced features like SATA express and a reasonable amount of USB 3.0 ports. 


Intel 100-series motherboard?

Apart from the changes in the FIVR, Intel is also changing their naming scheme for their motherboards. Notice how we are calling it the 100-sereis and not the 10-series.

In essence all that changes really is that the 7 in what would have been z107 turns into 70, creating a Z170 motherboard. A simple and easy to remember change. You can see all the name changes below. 

Broadwell and Skylake to Coexist?  

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17-07-2014, 06:55:54

Here is the upcoming roadmap for Intel's consumer line of chips, featuring Broadwell, and Skylake-S for the next year, (2015).

This was found on a Chineese version of the VR-Zone website, and here is what they have to say about the above road ahead for us all.

Broadwell and Skylake-S coexist, Intel desktop processors in the second quarter 2015 update

After the September launch of Haswell-E processor confirmed, and now many people should be concerned about the Intel 2015 processor-year table layout.

Roadmap through the latest display, Intel in 2015 will also allow two 14nm process products to replace the existing Haswell Refresh processor.

The figure can be found to, Intel in 2015, positioning is quite clear, Broadwell and two Skylake-S processor 14nm process will be launched in the second quarter, which Skylake-S will match Intel's latest 100 series chips. Which can be found to, Skylake-S will follow the pace of Haswell-E, and start adding support for DDR4 memory, but will support DDR3 memory, which is part of how to design, make the motherboard makers seem quite troubled.

Mainly because of DDR4 memory embodied stage will remain at the high price of the status quo, but does not seem to be using DDR4 lose some marketing selling point.

Skylake-S lock is general and business users, at this stage the products are frequency-locked version; Broadwell is locked players, so the launch of the product is not locked version to replace the present stage of Devil's Canyon processor.

Broadwell processors will continue to use FIVR (Full Integrated Voltage Regulator) built-in voltage regulator modules in the CPU design, and similar designs are discarded in the Skylake platform, but for now, not locked in Broadwell Series Haswell Refresh processor stage with the same design is maintained at FIVR. Phase of World War II motherboard factory, perhaps they branch an extension of.

On the other hand, 15W, and 28W of Broadwell processors will be postponed to the first quarter of 2015 will be released in the market.
So the road for the next year will be busy for intel and all the hardware manufacturers making and pushing out their new designs, so expect to see some soon.


Please note the quote is a google translation of the page.

Edit: by WYP

Read the FP article about Broadwell and Skylake's Coexistence on the market here.Quote

17-07-2014, 07:39:44

So now we have to wait until the 2nd half of 2015 for Broadwell ? That sucks Quote

17-07-2014, 08:25:33

It is a shame we will have to wait so long for broadwell.

it is also very strange to see Broadwell and Skylake at the same time. I need to read more into this and find out why.Quote

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