ASUS EAH3850 Trinity -Three GPUs on 1 PCB

"ASUS have reportedly created a GFX card with 3 cores crammed on to 1 PCB"

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ASUS EAH3850 Trinity - Three GPUs on a single card:
According to the guys at NordicHardware ASUS have been busy creating a monster of a graphics card by cramming 3 RV670 GPUs on to a single PCB.  So far this tri-core card is going by the name of Trinity.
At present the card appears to be a concept rather than a firm product they plan to mass manufacture and release to the mainstream so obviously there are no clues as to a release date.
Back to the card itself and here we can see on the front of the PCB one RV670 core along with the typical ASUS CGI character which appears to be the same as the one seen on the newly released ASUS GX2 seen here.
Here we see the remaining two GPUs located on the reverse side of the PCB.
In this picture we see that the cores aren't directly attached to the main PCB itself but rather on to smaller "daughter cards".  The cores are cooled via what appear to be copper heatpipes that transfer the heat directly from the cores to the heatsinks that are located towards the front of the card.  Interestingly though these heatsinks are cooled via watercooling.
In this last picture we see that along with the card there is a large watercooling unit that will take up two 5.25" drive bays.  However, I would imagine that most people running this card (should it ever be released) would prefer to add it into their existing loop if they have one. 
It is said that this is a working card but there is no mention in the article of GPU or memory clocks or even how much memory there is.
Lets hope some benchmarks hit the net soon so we can have a look at how this monster performs.
Who knows whether or not it will actually hit the market.
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