Certain Sapphire HD 5770 Models Are "Crippled"

"Sapphire's factory overclocked graphics card suffers from a slight hinderance"

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Certain Sapphire HD 5770 Models Are "Crippled"
It has become apparent that Add In Board Partner, Sapphire have dropped the ball with select batches of graphics cards. The Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Vapor-X is the brand's distinctive mid range Graphics Card, sporting it's own aftermarket cooling solution and a mild factory overclock. By buying one of these graphics cards, you're sure to have an edge over other Radeon HD 5770 graphics cards...erm, well not just yet. Like the outgoing HD 4800 series graphics card, this new midrange wonder is meant to boast an identical stream processor count of 800. It would seem however that there are a number of these cards in circulation with just 720 stream processors. Sadly, they aren't labelled as Radeon HD 5770 Vapor-X "Matt Damon" Editions so cannot be distinguished from a fully functional version, aside the slight performance deficit. If you already own this graphics card, you can find out if it suffers from the glitch by using GPU-Z
Thankfully, the defect is not hardware based but purely down to the graphics card's BIOS. Sapphire have swiftly responded and released a BIOS update on their website.
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Most Recent Comments

13-12-2009, 14:10:22

some games arnt coded for SLI so it may just turn off depends on what games your playing mate,crysis is SLI capable with updates just google SLI games and it will tell you,altho there may be a way to turn of the option for 'let the application choose' but ime not sure

13-12-2009, 14:19:17

correct me if im wrong but aint your rampage a x-fire motherboard?? but do remember a thread sayin how to convert x-fire motherboards to sli! its on ths forum somewhere??

13-12-2009, 14:22:45

I presume it does both....let me know if u have a link on the convert...cheers

13-12-2009, 14:22:56

afaik rampages are x48 which means it isn't SLI, only x58 mobos are.

13-12-2009, 14:30:51


afaik rampages are x48 which means it isn't SLI, only x58 mobos are.

yes it can be done :)


13-12-2009, 14:33:03


afaik rampages are x48 which means it isn't SLI, only x58 mobos are.

on the box it says x38

13-12-2009, 14:36:33


on the box it says x38

thats ok have you checked this link out?? your board aint on their list it just hasnt been tested does not mean it wont work!!

Despite the small current list, this modification allow to run SLI on ANY chipset, and not just Intel or NVIDIA. Technically SLI can be enabled even on a Motherboard with an AMD Chipset. Of course, board must have two or more PCI-Express slots for graphic cards

13-12-2009, 14:37:03

full instructions here!


13-12-2009, 14:51:17

Easy answer is buy a different mobo, the answer you dont want is that even if you get it working 2x 295's dont scale very well at all, no games like that many cores. You would get better fps with 2x 285's dude.

More GPU's doesnt always work out as more FPS, surprisingly means less more often than not when it comes to 2x dual cards.

14-12-2009, 03:03:30

Hacked drivers are ok, just dont be expecting the best performance, as a proper SLI board with the latest drivers is usually the best way, this is pretty cool though, and it would be pretty awesome if nvidia just re-wrote there software driver for x58 for most other intel chipsets ;D

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