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"Gearbox gave a nice little show of gameplay for the long past due Duke Nukem Forever in Amsterdam."

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Back in August we learned that the seemingly vaporware Duke Nukem Forever game project had been revived by Gearbox, the makers of Borderlands.  Now, two months later the first actual gameplay footage has arisen.  At the FirstLook game convention in Amsterdam Gearbox gave a short presentation, and of course numerous fans had their cameras rolling.

To the surprise of some, the game looks to be fairly visually impressive.  At the same time, it still appears (to me anyways) to retain the classic, old-school gameplay feel.  The real question is, though, does it look to have been worth the wait?  Check out the video at the bottom and answer that for yourself.

So when will you be able to try your hand at it yourself?  Gearbox hopes to have a demo out soon, and unlike previously thought it will actually be available to everyone and not just purchasers of the Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition (expected later this month) according to DigitalSpy.

"The demo is going to go out to everybody, yeah," Gearbox VP of marketing Steve Gibson said. "When we put Borderlands out this wasn't even possible to do or contemplate. So that's kind of difficult, but yeah, the demo is coming out for everybody.

"The feeling is that we want people to feel that it's real. We want people to know that 'holy crap, they're actually making plans.' It's kind of like, Borderlands: Game Of The Year is great and by the way, these guys are also working on this, and it is real, and we're trying to get that association, that proof.

"These guys are making concrete plans, they're are putting stuff in a box already with Duke's face on it. It's actually like a certificate, and you'll see that it's like 'In Duke We Trust'. It's fun. We're thrilled to death."

"We want to - I don't want to spoil the surprise - but I think it's going to be fun and people are going to be surprised at what we put in there and what happens with it."

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Most Recent Comments

20-09-2010, 16:12:21

Thanks guys, looking in to it but the thing is I’ll have to buy two

20-09-2010, 16:19:08

Great review, looks like AC have finally sorted the RAM heatsinks problem. Not a bad price compared to WCing either.

20-09-2010, 16:29:44

Wow! Amazing results on this beast! I think this + Dh14 proves that watercooling is no longer needed.

20-09-2010, 16:33:16


Wow! Amazing results on this beast! I think this + Dh14 proves that watercooling is no longer needed.

Ones ambient temps go up its better to have WC IMHO so i kinda disagree :P
but I do get your drift ;)

20-09-2010, 16:35:32


Ones ambient temps go up its better to have WC IMHO so i kinda disagree :P
but I do get your drift ;)

Im starting to think otherwise. Ive always been a water freak, but tbh air is getting to the point its quieter!

20-09-2010, 19:04:29

With water, once you have the initial investment, it will last longer, and probably be as quiet, and definitely get better temps. These air kits can't get the temperatures on the VRMs to be nearly as low as a decent water block. Also with water there is more space in the expansion ports (a water block takes 1.5 slots, this air cooler is three). Kinda limits crossfire or SLI on many boards.

21-09-2010, 11:17:46

well ok, watercooling still has its advantages, but its much more expensive and for the average enthusiast. AIR is just making more sense.
And its true what you say about crossfire, but again if you look at if for the average enthusiast (not extreme), tri and quad xfire/sli are much more expensive and cant be justified when on a budget.

my current build has a watercooled cpu - and i used to have a 4870x2 in the loop aswell. My gpu just stopped working and i didnt have enough cash to afford a replacement gpu and re plumb it back into the loop. Im also looking at AMD's bulldozer as a future cpu upgrade, and might end up selling my current pc, and rebuilding completely cooled by air.

21-09-2010, 15:02:54

Think I might acquire one of these after payday!

Looks a dammed good solution and as mentioned justifying the water route becomes harder with these alternatives.

Would be nice to have a backplate solution for the exposed part of the card, usually fully visible in a windowed pc, just to keep it tidy.

19-06-2011, 08:56:50

Does this cooler fit non-reference cards?

19-06-2011, 09:03:09


Does this cooler fit non-reference cards?

Its designed for reference. you may need to modify or fabricate parts for non ref.

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