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Fold For Team 43461

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Help Cure Desease with Team 43461

Overclock3D are dedicated to the cause of [email protected] This is a huge project that simulates the "folding" of proteins on your PC. The results of these micro experiments then go towards the main project. Every little core helps the cause. Currently we're 225th in the World (out of around 446 000) and we need your help now!

Why should I help?

If you've ever had a member of the family with Cancer, Alzheimer's,  CJD, ALS, Huntington's, or Parkinson's disease, you will know why you should help. The University of Stanford need all of the computing power they can get to really find out how these diseases are started and hopefully to find a cure. There been progress already (here)

How do I help??

You can hep by running a simple, easy to install program on your PC or even your PS3. This program takes up only the idle cycles of your PC and PS3, so if your doing something this is not affected in any way. Simple as that.

Download the program from here

There are several versions of the program. Check our forum installation guides below:

Installing [email protected] console for Multi-Core CPU's

Installing [email protected] Graphical Client (like a cool screensaver)
Folding @ Home SMP (Multi cores like Quad Core)

When you enter your user information after installing the program, be sure to enter Team Number 43461 - and fold for Overclock3D. It's a real team effort!

Now with the Playstation 3 you can fold even easier!. Check out the guide here and make sure you enter Team 43461 to help out OC3D and cure disease!

Come and Discuss in our Forums here

Official Stanford [email protected] FAQ's are Here

Official Stanford [email protected] Home is Here
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Most Recent Comments

16-09-2007, 15:03:58

After the recent sneak peak of the Overclock3D Sample Stickers I'm pleased to announce we've had a whole batch of them made up. However, we're not going to make you part with your hard earned cash in order to get some for your beloved rig....we'd rather just make you jump though hoops

So let's just cut to the chase.. If you want to win 1x large (suitable for 120mm fans) and 1x small (suitable for 80mm fans) stickers you need to do the following:

1. Print the poster image located here at a reasonable size.

2. Affix poster to surface of your choice ensuring that its location will make us laugh

3. Take picture of poster in humorous location.

4. Upload picture and post in this thread.

Providing that the location of the poster makes us laugh, you will be sent some sexy OC3D stickers totally free of charge

MMMMMMMMM Sexy...Quote

16-09-2007, 15:57:23

Wow What a brilliant Idea! Quote

16-09-2007, 17:03:56


Could you post up a link to a high res pic please? I wanna print a big ass copy to place somewhere you would'nt expect, but should make you chuckle.

Edit: Scratch that request, the one you have linked to should be sufficient.Quote

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