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"Dylan, AC/DC For Rock Band 2"

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Dylan, AC/DC For Rock Band 2
Harmonix has announced an impressive 84 tracks for their soon to be released Rock Band 2, including music by Bob Dylan, AC/DC and an unreleased Guns N'Roses cut.
Harmonix has announced the track lineup for the forthcoming Rock Band 2, and it’s a biggie. For headbangers there will be “Let There Be Rock” from AC/DC and – the biggest scoop, “Shackler’s Revenge” by Guns N’Roses, a track from the long awaited Chinese Democracy album.

The other big names include Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, the Grateful Dead and the Who, a total of 84 tracks, with more than 500 promised by the end of the year.
Harmonix has also said that songs downloaded for the original game will be compatible with the new game, and users will be able to port tunes from the original.
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14-07-2008, 05:07:00

Mr. Smith
£1200... I thought about it but for that I'd rather raid some ssd's...

I set 2 of my hdds in raid0 and noticed no difference at all... I think you might feel the difference moving from hdd to ssd but 7.2k to 10k I doubt it...

14-07-2008, 08:02:29

I have my CF cards and SATA adaptor ready for the RAID0 testing i said about I just haven't built the PC up yet.
Should either be really good or smoke in incredible fashion

14-07-2008, 20:08:53


£1200... I thought about it but for that I'd rather raid some ssd's...

I set 2 of my hdds in raid0 and noticed no difference at all... I think you might feel the difference moving from hdd to ssd but 7.2k to 10k I doubt it...

For that price, I can understand. But to be honest, these will be insane. I think at the moment they are more designed for large companies. Hmm, I was reading that ssd's weren't al lthat great. Especially the write speeds...

15-07-2008, 03:08:50

SSD's are better for small packets. Regular harddrives have to search about 8 ms before finding certain data or a place to write data. SSD's can do that in 0.1 - 0.35 ms. And with small packets the write speed matters less than the search time.

Edit: and those read/write speeds are also why I suggested setting two OCZ's in raid :P

Core series SSD drives are available in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB and deliver incredible 120-143 MB/s 80-93 MB/s read/write speeds and seek times of less than 0.35ms, making the Core series up to 10x as fast on a seek-time basis and up to 40% faster on a R/W basis that the best performing 2.5” HDDs on the market, all while consuming 50% less power.


# Part Number: OCZSSD2-1C32G
# Available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB capacities
# Read 120-143 MB/sec
# Write 80-93 MB/sec

Looks quite fair to me :) Will probably come close to 3.5" disks.


15-07-2008, 16:04:56

PP Mguire
You should try out a Matrix Slice mate.

16-07-2008, 12:56:14


You should try out a Matrix Slice mate.

Googled it, and hell I'm interested :|

"Currently this feature only available for Intel ICHxR Intel South Bridge chip and Areca Raid controller." Anything known about which motherboards have these southbridge chips? :o

I really started thinking about buying two 500 gb 7200.11's and slicing them up to 100GB programs/OS in raid0 and 400GB raid1 data now :o

17-07-2008, 04:44:21

PP Mguire
Heres an outcome of 6 250gig Seagate 7200.11s

Aditional information can be found here.
And here

The guy who did that i believe was using an Asus Maximus Extreme. (the pic)

18-07-2008, 04:59:43


The ICH9R/DO is used in the Asus P5E series, at which I was looking for my future rig. That's some good news :D

I could pick up four 7200.10 250GBs for €160 or two 7200.11 500GBs for €120 here. And I bet eBay can get me some too. Only problem with eBay is that it's best to have identical drives, and that makes it a bit harder.

Edit: Oh, four times Samsung spinpoint T166 320GB's for €170 :)

18-07-2008, 05:47:18

*thread hijack*

Anyone know a cost effective way of using 10x30+g Ultra320 drives for home use ?

Cards seem so expensive, and mostly pcix, and I`m of the opinion using some kind of 160->320 would lose the effectiveness of 320 speed.


07-09-2008, 23:36:27

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