World of Warcraft made $1 Billion revenue last year


World of Warcraft made $1 Billion revenue last year   

World of Warcraft's $1 Billion in revenue

When we talk about MMO's we usually say it is a dying breed, since World of Warcraft peak in 2010 the subscription base has droped to around 2/3 of its peak size. Now there are around 23.4 million subscribers.

According to research from SuperData, there is a lot, and I mean a lot of money to be made from MMOs. World of Warcraft still occupies the top position with over $1 Billion in revenue and a market share of 36%, with the total market being worth $2,882 Million.

Here is a summary of SuperData's findings below;

World of Warcraft made $1 Billion revenue last year   

Where does that money go?

We can see here that each of these companies have a lot of money generating from every one of the games here, which should make you wonder, where does this money go? Of-course there are direct service costs, servers and the general infrastructure required to keep the game running, constantly updating the game to add additional quest content, updated visuals and additional gameplay features.

This can take an immense amount of money, but looking at the stats here, and the fact that these MMOs are still online show that is is definitely profitable, if not absurdly profitable.

  World of Warcraft made $1 Billion revenue last year   World of Warcraft made $1 Billion revenue last year   


Is it my time to start an MMO?

If you think you will enjoy this type of game, go for it, there is a whole new world out there to explore, but I would recommend trying one of the newer MMOs, one with more new players.

World of Warcraft has been out since November 2004, almost 10 years ago, and despite it's 4 expansions worth of content (with one more coming soon, see trailer below) and last years visual advancements (shown above) I can't help but think that a newer MMO might be more suited. Then again with this much content available, you cannot deny the potential enjoyment to be had from WoW, you will just have to deal with a bit of a learning curve and likely playing with much more advanced players.


Undeniably WoW is still loved by its fanbase and still has many more years left in it, but I wonder how the world of MMOs will look in another few years and if WoW will ever be dethroned as king of the hill?


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22-07-2014, 10:28:38

Despite the continually decreasing subscription base for WOW. At its peak in 2010 the was a subscription base of approx 30.6 Million subscribers, Wow has managed to hold onto more then 2/3 of their peak subscription base coming in with an approx 23.4 Million subscribers which still provides WOW with a very healthy 36% of the MMO market.

It just so happens that 36% of the MMO market also happens to be worth approx $1,041,000,000 USD.

As Shown above NCsoft have snapped up a decent %16 of the market, spread over 4 titles.

#2- Lineage 1 comes in at second place with $253 million for NCsoft and a 9% share

#3- TERA: Online generated $236 million for NHN Corporation in third spot with an 8% share.

#4- Star Wars: The Old Republic sits in fourth place with $165 million made for EA with 6% of the subscription-based MMO market share,

#5-Lord of the Rings Online made $104 million for Turbine, Inc. and secured them 4%.

WoW officially lunched on November 23, 2004 so is currently only a few months short of being able to claim that amazing mile stone of a full decade of being on top.

Despite being a very well aged game it is still extremely addictive and still buzzing with life and most importantly to Blizzard/Activation its still turning over very large amounts of money.

I personally can't see it surviving as the powerhouse of the MMO genre for much longer, the next expansion seems to me like a reason to flog a dead horse. But as with everything, All shall be revealed in time.


What's everyone's thoughts and feeling towards this Article, WoW or other MMO's in general?Quote

22-07-2014, 12:59:28

Nice find, decided to make this front page!

I didn't know WoW still had so much life in it, or that there is still a new expansion coming for it! Almost 10 years after launch.

Front Page article on World of Warcraft's $1 Billion Revenue is hereQuote

22-07-2014, 13:27:07

i hate WoW, I have a friend who plays it way to much and has a bad case of gaming compulsion, he fights with his family and has lost two girlfriends over it Quote

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