MSI Launches New GX620/GX720 Gaming Notebooks

"MSI, is pleased to announce the release of the new GX620/GX720 Gaming Notebook. "

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MSI Launches New GX620/GX720 Gaming Notebooks
MSI, is pleased to announce the release of the new GX620/GX720 Gaming Notebooks. Winner of a Best Choice Award at COMPUTEX 2008, the GX620 ‘s Blu-Ray player, MSI’s VIVID Image Enhancement Technology, the NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 3D graphics card and Dolby 7.1 digital surround sound capabilities guarantee the ultimate gaming or movie watching experience. This powerful notebook is housed in a sleek yet tough alloy case with strong red accents, and features user friendly quick launch touch sensors.

These sensors, located just above the keyboard, are used to activate both MSI’s exclusive Turbo Drive Engine Technology and the new ECO Engine Management function. The Turbo Drive Engine allows user’s to overclock the GX620/GX720, increasing the speed of the Intel Core 2 Duo processor by as much as 15%. This allows the notebook to run smoother and enhances the gaming experience. MSI’s new ECO Engine, allows users to alternate between 5 different operating modes to conserve battery life. By simply pressing the quick launch sensor, users can choose Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Office, or Turbo Battery mode to fit their power consumption needs.

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Most Recent Comments

03-08-2008, 12:15:53

Hi all

im new so i thought id beg for some help:)

i have a 6800gtgs256mgs agp

I was given an agp version of the gainward 6800gt 256mgs,the one with the huge metal cage and dual fans ontop!

high performance blar blar

whats the general pro's and cons of this card?(is it fast? and what have you been thrashing it with?

what shader version etc

right i was given this card that once installed and i startup all i can see is minimal text or colours.
blocky and screw`d up

you can barly make a few letters from the ident screen(card ident) when the monitor flashes on i see green matrix type stuff(hard to describe)

when in windows i can make more out but again not enough to do anything about it..

could this card be fried(overclocked too far)and would the bios from the top of the page help if i flash it (gw 6800gtgs256mgs etc)if thats the one!(bios file/gainward bios files thread

any help please!!!!


03-08-2008, 13:29:55

Have you installed the Forceware drivers?

03-08-2008, 20:56:54


i even did it the long way and used the bog standard display settings,then reinstalled the lastest forceware from

the same forceware is good with my fx5500 as listed in the supported cards bit.

if i can see enough to flash the graphics card bios with the one on the list from the gainward bios files thread and hopefully if i can see enough it will erase the problem(and any reconfigured clock speeds above normal)

it looks like a driver issue but i tried several times installing the driver and setting as much up as i could but no matter what its still messed up!

hopefully an update might clean the root out and also hopefully the distortion will ok

it works to an extent so its not fried and as drivers havn't helped i'm left with a flash.

nice card and it would be a waste if i cannot fix it.

cheers for asking mate

i take it the files on the bios thread i just brought back from the dead (2 files)will work from dos?(doesn't self boot)and i just type the name codeline in and it should start the flash program and i input the new bios rom name and save?

should be if i remember..:)

cheers all, help save the card :)lol

15-10-2008, 22:19:24

I got this with my gainward when i tried to oc it. there not great overclockers.
Just set it to stock. I can even change anything by a mhz other all these little lines (like matrix) go across the screen! :p

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