A+ Case Monolize ATX Full Tower Case

Introduction, packaging, package and specification


NanoPoint are the parent company of A+. They produce a lot of nice equipment such as Tagan PSU's and IcyBox media enclosures. Today we're looking at the A+ Monolize ATX Case. With smooth black looks and two rather beastly fans on it it certainly looks an interesting proposition.

Black is my colour so I was rather interested when I had the chance to take a look at the Monolize.


The packaging on the Monolize is surprisingly understated and wouldn't be a stand out on the shelves. However, seeing as most of the trade for A+ is to be done on virtual shelves I don't think the external packaging will be an issue.

monolize packaging

monolize packaging 2

Internally the case is packed up nice and tight with plastic surrounding the case to stop scratches in transit and foam to stop and dents. Top marks to A+.

case packaging

You shouldn't have trouble with a damaged case from all but the most unreliable courier company, which is reasurring.


Cases don't tend to come with much but A+ have done a good job sliding in a few little extra's.

extras monolize

Drive bay rails include plentiful supply of floppy, HDD and Optical drive bay rails. Additional are a few zip-ties and a sticky zip-tie clip. Screws and a few other extra's are added as well as a pretty cool little container to store all the spares (see next page). Pretty sweet all in all. The manual is very basic but does the job.


Taken from NanoPoint's website:

Special Features

World record: Special brand-new cooling system with two blue Illuminated 250 mm fans in the left side door

Separate adjustable (speed) 250 mm fans, also with separate on/off switch function

Blue illuminated Aplus logo in front with on/off switch

Up to 13 disk drives can be mounted inside the case

ATX and extended ATX main boards fit inside

Easy drive mounting with 26 screw less rails

Easy installation of the PCI cards with clip system

4 knurled screws on the back for easy opening the case

Manual comes in English, German and French languages

In accordance with RoHS

Tech data

Amount 5¼"-Bays: 5× external
Amount 3½"-Bays: 2× external, 7× internal
Fancontroller: +
Fan (included): 2
Fan (optional): 1 x 80 mm, 92 mm or 120 mm in the Rear
Airfilter (included): -
Interfaces: +x USB 2.0, +x Firewire, -x Audio
Supported Mainboards: Standard ATX, extended ATX (12"x13"), MP Dual CPU
Name: CS-Monolize
Iconnumber: 10747
Material Case-Chassis > 1mm SECC
EAN-Code: 4250078102120

Logistical Data

Nett dimensions: 240 x 545 x 565 (mm)
Gross dimensions: 310 x 640 x 600 (mm)
Nett weight: 11,78 (kg)
Gross weight: 13,98 (kg)
Packing unit: 1 (pcs)
Minimum order quantity: 1 (pcs)
Contents of 1 carton: 1 (pcs)
Weight of 1 pallet: 200 (kg)
Quantity of 1 pallet: 14 (pcs)
WEEE Registration #: WEE/KH0083UX
Country of Origin: Taiwan

The specs looks pretty decent and with two simply massive 25cm fans on the case it certainly has a good set of lungs.
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Most Recent Comments

11-09-2007, 15:46:50

Check out one of the latest from A+Case and NanoPoint


11-09-2007, 16:18:12

Very well written review, Kemp.. As always!

Looks as though it is a nice case.

Loving the Monster fans!Quote

11-09-2007, 16:31:40

Meh, not a case for me. Not on the external looks either.

But I`m over 35, so I have an excuse.

In all seriousness tho, the internals of the case closely resemble the Thermaltake XaserII I have laying empty next to me. The lower drive area has been rotated and rejigged, but even looking at the front - it has the same pinching insertion things u stick to u`r devices. (the XaserII comes with a temp and fan control that fits into the top 5.25 bay, which I removed cos I never got it working >.< )

Those pci blank plate things are a pita without the top piece thing, good to see the inclusion of that to the spec.

Looks like a copy to me. Pretty darn heavy solid metally case ?Quote

11-09-2007, 17:25:44

Would you like some case with your fans Quote

12-09-2007, 08:09:12

Would you class it as heavy? If adding front and rear fans brought cpu coolingness up to scratch I would deffo consider this as a tj05 replacement Quote

12-09-2007, 13:11:06

Yes it is heavyQuote

13-09-2007, 07:39:29

Hey Kempez.. THANK you very much for the review.I tried in the last months to find a review or an opinion on this case and i couldn't found one until now.. THX..i have stupid question:

Can a 61Kg boy raise that case with this rig inserted:

A64 x2 4000+ oced to 3ghz (the 3ghz freq add some kilos i think )

Dfi CFX 3200 M2/g

2gb ram


Terratec aureon 7.1 space

Dvd rw plextor px 740a

benq cd rom

PSU 430w Thermaltake purepower

With my current cheap case is pretty heavy also..

I am aking this because i am pretty skiny at 61Kg and 1.72m height Quote

13-09-2007, 08:55:11

Mr. Smith
LOL! Badsykes - you win the prize for the craziest question asked about a review!

I guess this would all depend on your strength to weight ratio!

I can't imagine a full rig in that case will weigh more than 20-25kg max! More like 20kg max... Whats the most you can lift lolQuote

13-09-2007, 14:06:52

I reckon you'd be ok, just Quote

13-09-2007, 15:01:17

Haha badskyes best question ever

Get some weights and workout then you'll be able to lift it with one hand! (Wouldn't suggest it though )Quote

13-09-2007, 16:33:34

if i were you, maybe a new PSU would be at the top of my listQuote

13-09-2007, 16:40:32

Originally Posted by name='darkorb'
if i were you, maybe a new PSU would be at the top of my list
darkorb: The most boring answer No offence..

Thx guys..and Mr. Smith give me the reward ... a 2900xt waterblock will be VERY nice... ahhahaa

PS: i discovered all the Q3d Logos also Quote

15-10-2007, 15:45:05

Hi all, can anyone tell me if a ASUS A8N-SLI Premium will fit this case?

Thanks, Craig.Quote

15-10-2007, 15:47:51

It's an ATX case, so I see no reason why notQuote

15-10-2007, 15:49:38

Thanks budQuote

11-12-2007, 09:40:56

Nice review but there's no mention of the noise the fans on this sucker kicks out.

I suppose its pretty quiet having nice large fans plus you can change the speed.

How would you rate the noisiness? Maybe compared to a case with 120mm fans.


11-12-2007, 17:40:18

Did I not? Damn soz I thought I did, my bad.

Fans aren't actually too bad. They're slow spinning but air tends to rush through the vents a bit

I'll add to the reviewQuote

11-12-2007, 18:06:48

Thanks for the quick response.

Think I'll treat myself as they're on offer at specialtech.co.uk.Quote

28-01-2008, 14:55:00

I have brought the case, and tried to mount my motherboard today but can not because there are no raised platforms on which to mount the board. In other words, if the board is mounted its just going to short it self out, all is explained in this picture in the review. How do i get round this. I've got loads of bits all over the floor and feel i am missing something



28-01-2008, 15:10:30

Originally Posted by name='james13009'
I have brought the case, and tried to mount my motherboard today but can not because there are no raised platforms on which to mount the board. In other words, if the board is mounted its just going to short it self out, all is explained in this picture in the review. How do i get round this. I've got loads of bits all over the floor and feel i am missing somethingJames
There should be some brass standoffs that first screw into the case and keep the mobo raised. Make sure to put them where the holes in the mobo are so they dont cause a short.


28-01-2008, 16:04:30

Yeah there should be some in that white box, mine did with my caseQuote

28-01-2008, 16:22:48

There's some standoffs in the white container, along with a whole load of screws and drive railsQuote

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