Cooler Master HAF XB Case / Test-bench Review

Introduction and Technical Specification

 Cooler Master HAF XB case/testbench review  



History it seems, is a bit vain. History it seems has a habit of inserting page markers into its own timeline, deciding as it were to draw your attention to the start or end of certain chapters. Inserting markers that cause people to instinctively remember where they were and what they were doing when certain momentous events occurred. The Death of Elvis, The First Moon landing, The Twin Towers, the first time you saw a actual naked woman. If you're a geek then history may well have chosen other events to mark your journey through life (apart from the naked woman one, that's pretty much universal). If this is the case, then along with the birth of online gaming and a version of windows that didn't suck more than the last one, most likely the inception of the Cooler Master HAF series is one such event. Am I over egging this? perhaps a little, but the fact remains that the HAF marked a significant point in PC case history.

So successful is the HAF that Cooler Master feel confident that they can stir the pot a bit, changing the footprint and form factor of the case whilst at the same time remaining true to the original design concepts and styling cues. Gentleman and ladies (for we know there a some of you out there). We bring you the HAF XB. A Mid tower (sort of) ATX case eschewing the conventional in favour of a double decker layout. PSU and drives below, Motherboard and cooling up top. Able to accept tall coolers and long cards, the XB offers even more. Twiddle a few thumb screws stripping away the body, and the XB transforms itself into a Test bench. Looks like we need to put it through the OC3D wringer and see if this latest incarnation is able to uphold the name of HAF.


Technical Specification

MaterialSteel body, front mesh, Plastic Bezel
Dimensions442/330/423mm W/H/D
Motherboard supportATX, Micro ATX, Mini ATX
3.5"2 (from X-Dock)
2.5"6 (2 from X-Dock)
I/O Panel2xUSB 3.0 Audio in/out, supports HD audio
Expansion Slots7

Front 2x120mm 1800rpm 21 dBA Included (2x 140mm optional)

Rear 120mm optional

2x80mm optional

Top 200mm optional

Water cooling support

Front optional 240 or 280mm Radiator

Rear optional 120mm radiator

Powers Supply SupportATX PS2 max mength 180mm
Max GPU334mm
Max CPU180mm


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Most Recent Comments

28-01-2013, 06:03:29

With the HAF series fast encroaching on legendary status Cooler Master have decided to stir the pot with a new footprint for the latest incarnation, The HAF XB

Continue ReadingQuote

28-01-2013, 10:55:25

dont you guys usually do a vid for a product worthy of a gold??? Quote

28-01-2013, 10:57:52

can 280mm closed loop water coolers fit in the front intake spot? like the nzxt kraken x60 or the corsair h110Quote

28-01-2013, 11:44:14

all the reviews im seeing say only 240mm rads in the front. boooooQuote

28-01-2013, 12:46:50

want one!Quote

28-01-2013, 16:45:06

If I was thinking of going back to air I'd consider getting 1 of these for the price it's a really nice case, I have a Haf X and for water it's good but it's size and weight makes it cumbersome to move.Quote

28-01-2013, 18:13:16

| raVen |
I really like the look of this caseQuote

28-01-2013, 23:11:41

I've wanted one since I first saw it. Want to mod it into a white case and some serious WCQuote

29-01-2013, 05:52:06

likes the look of this case Quote

29-01-2013, 15:35:03

I didn't like the look of this at first, but it has grown on me a little.Quote

29-01-2013, 15:42:27

sure enough the kraken x60 fits just fine in the haf xb -

30-01-2013, 09:41:17

Like this very much.Quote

01-02-2013, 23:33:05

Nmm Nmm,Nmm Nmm, NmmQuote

06-02-2013, 09:35:51

realy like this case will defnitly have to get one Quote

11-02-2013, 06:23:26

Smithy 92
The only problem I seem to have with this case is that I wish there was more space for 3.5" hard drives and maybe fewer SSD mounts but that is just my opinion. Other than that though I still think this case looks great especially once you have some red leds mounted inside.Quote

17-02-2013, 04:16:52

agreed about the 3.5" drive support. I'm sitting here contemplating on pulling the trigger and just buying this case over the cosmos 2. See I'm stationed in united kingdom until 2016 and of course the military movers broke my corsair 800d case. So I need to replace it.

I have 5x 3.5" drives and 2x 2.5" SSD's (patriot pyro 128's in RAID 0) I need to fit.

I'm pretty sure with all the room in the bottom hard drive area (2.5" cage area) I can make something work to where I can either add a 3.5" cage or just drill out the 2.5" and just replace that cage. I've got plenty of sheet metal and car guys that have the tools who work with me in the Air Force.

But then I look at the cosmos 2 and really drool over all the area it has. But then I'm reminded that in 3 years the military movers are going to be handling my stuff again and quite possible are going to break another $300 case.

Both cosmos 2 and haf xb fit the new 280mm all in one water coolers, thats a must have for me with a new case.

AHHHHHH I'm torn. I'm leaning towards the HAF XBQuote

18-02-2013, 11:20:22

I'm really liking that case! Great review G-Dubs!Quote

21-02-2013, 21:03:50

hoxlund, you don't need to drill out the cage, it just has 4 phillips head screws in there and that's it.

Btw I just purchased this case with my new build about a month ago and say I love it. With some quieter fans I could make it much better on the ears. But really, if you buy a HAF case, you aren't bothered by some wind noise.

EDIT: Also if you have the Noctua NH-D14 it fits like a charm. You won't be able to put the 240mm fan on top but the cooling is good enough you don't need to.

One of my MSI 560ti Twinfrozr fans went out on me and it still stays plenty cool enough in this case. Very very pleased.Quote

29-03-2013, 14:50:42

A great chassis out there. Innovative design plus lots of space.Quote

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