Corsair Vengeance C70 Review

Corsair Vengeance C70 Review

Corsair C70 Review  


Corsair is expanding its case range yet again with the first of its chassis in the new Vengeance case line up, with a design heavily based on a military theme its right up many gamers streets but lets give it the OC3D once over to see if the Corsair quality has pulled through the basic military design process.


Corsair C70 Review

Video Review


It can be quite difficult for a reviewer not to let personal preferences get in the way of being impartial, sometimes we absolutely hate certain things but just because we don't personally like something doesn't make it a bad product. Its almost like some products or designs being Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

We very much feel the Vengeance C70 is very much a Marmite product, you'll either love it and absolutely can not live without it or you'll hate it and wouldn't want it in your street let alone your house! We feel that the C70 has been very much designed with gun gamers at heart and because of this we would be willing to bet that the Military Green case will sell hand over fist more units than the black or the white because the actually design just lends itself so well to the military theme.

There is ample cooling out of the box but with many options for you to upgrade and expand as well, water cooling support is there but as every comes with some pretty specific points you will have to be careful with when making your purchases. Firstly and most importantly is 40mm maximum thickness radiator for the roof with a set of fans in either push OR pull will fit inside. This does mean it will easily fit a H100 and a single set of fans also but in almost every instance there will be no room for push pull without running into complications with your motherboard. You can also get a 240mm radiator in the floor but only if your PSU is no longer than 160mm (AX650, 750 & 850) but even then because of the stupid PSU grommet location you will have a complete nightmare getting the rad fitted (get a mate round to help with this if you can it will be so much easier). There is also the ability to fit a 240mm radiator in the front but its very much hit and miss whether or not your rad will actually fit and short of testing every rad on the planet its had to say what will and wont. Just be ready to take your dremel to the bottom of the optical bays should you run into any problems!

The side panel window is of a nice size but personally we cant help but think the fan grills spoil the look massively, again a personal thing but in a recent poll on OC3D pretty much everyone agreed either window OR mesh never both. If it drives you that crazy its happily an easy fix if you want to replace the window with a plain sheet of acrylic and shouldn't take any more than about 45minutes to complete even with dremeling off the mounting tabs.

The long and short of it is apart from the over sight that is the PSU grommet location we can find anything actually wrong with the case, sure its not one that we would instantly pic for ourselves but we can see a huge number of you that quite simple must have one. At £110 its not a budget case but it comes with the normal Corsair build quality and a pretty hefty spec list when you really think about it (2x 240mm rads for one) so while we might not be be massive fans of the design at the same time we have nothing really bad to say about it either. So because of this we have decided to give it the OC3D gold award and expect to see many many of these at upcoming LAN events and gracing project logs on our forums.


We would like to thank Corsair for the C70 on test here today, you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D forums.    

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Most Recent Comments

21-05-2012, 16:13:12


We take a look at the latest case to come from the Corsair stables, the Vengeance C70.

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21-05-2012, 16:43:50

Don't really know what i think about that case, i mean it's ok but there is something about it i'm not too hot about, just can't put my finger on it.Quote

21-05-2012, 16:49:56

I'm liking this case, it's limited and hasn't been thought through properly but I do like it.

Price is a bit steep tough, I wouldn't pay £110 for it, not with all the niggles anyway but I can see people doing some nice mods with it.Quote

21-05-2012, 17:00:59

Good review but i'm not a fan of this case Quote

21-05-2012, 17:04:05

This case is a weird one, i'm not sure if i like it or not. On one hand i adore the looks of it, and it has plenty of features too. On the other hand it's quite expensive imo, but overall it defo deserves a gold award, no doubt about it. Personally though i wouldn't buy it, although i still don't know why i just don't like it that much i guessQuote

21-05-2012, 17:15:44

Great review as always but not really feeling this caseQuote

21-05-2012, 17:49:26

I like it, but I don't like it at the same time.

It's a good case but I don't see myself buying one.Quote

21-05-2012, 23:16:41

im not a LAN'r and if i was, i'd look at it again. i think i got the LAN outta me on the Sniper build.

it's got potential for some great mods. the utilitarian cases just aren't for me. i hope Corsair

and CM a whole lot of these style of cases..


22-05-2012, 04:35:20

It may be a good case but to me it still looks like an oversized lunchbox...... still there will be people for whom this case will be right up their alley and it does have some really good features.Quote

22-05-2012, 05:58:50

Originally Posted by Grizzly View Post

I like it, but I don't like it at the same time.

It's a good case but I don't see myself buying one.
Originally Posted by nicoge74 View Post

I like it, but I don't like it at the same time.
That's the second member I've seen copy-paste half of one of my posts in the last couple of days.

Oddly enough there isn't an advertisement for free gold in some game in their signature.Quote

22-05-2012, 09:41:02

like the clips and the handle idea (very ammo crate-ish), but not a fan of the face of the case (apart from the military inspired switches)

and the side window is fugly because of the fan holes, shoulda left it as just a windowQuote

22-05-2012, 11:09:35

The Scientific Moustache
the day someone makes an airplane cockpit inspired case with sliver toggle switches, I will write them a love letter.

i like the design, great for the LAN party mATX guys out there. I don't mind the hybrid window. but it looks just a touch too cramped.Quote

22-05-2012, 11:19:03

if i went to any LAN's i would really love this case, just seems so sturdy looks like it would withstand a bomb blast

they will sell like crazy i think though i wont be buying one lolQuote

22-05-2012, 11:26:54

this would look great with an asus sabertooth i thinkQuote

22-05-2012, 15:20:30

Case has good space and qualities but I have to agree with TTL about the side window.

I don't see me buying it either, as I own a Switch, due to the general appearance. But as stated by others, some will enjoy this caseQuote

22-05-2012, 15:29:46

It would be nice if they were to produce a special edition will full camo - now that I would be tempted to buy.Quote

22-05-2012, 16:04:20

Originally Posted by sheroo View Post

It would be nice if they were to produce a special edition will full camo - now that I would be tempted to buy.

A desert camo and snow camo version would be nice to see, I recon we will see some good mods from people with this case in the next few months.Quote

22-05-2012, 16:11:19

very Marmite case and going with ewww but pretty sure you could make great BF3 themed case in this what ever colour you took.Quote

22-05-2012, 17:16:10

Originally Posted by SieB View Post

A desert camo and snow camo version would be nice to see, I recon we will see some good mods from people with this case in the next few months.
I love the look of this case and hope they do the above! Looks like they come very close to making a great case but a few minor things need fixing.Quote

22-05-2012, 17:27:15

I am getting a white one, no question. Quote

23-05-2012, 19:25:56

Nice review. Front is almost a carbon copy of the 300r.Quote

24-05-2012, 03:07:11

I quite like it apart from the windowQuote

24-05-2012, 11:32:03

Like... but not window... destroys the case and puts it in the "I will never buy this" category... never, ever, ever have fan mounts on a window... it completely defeats the purpose... and adds an ugly factor...Quote

24-05-2012, 12:20:53

Awesome video review of case, this is the most thorough review of a case I have ever seen.

Usually you read short reviews, and the issues you mention, one doesn't find out about until after buying the case.

One of the unique things you brought up was ventillation of the hard drive cage, I too do not see how that is adequate to pull air across the HD's, or create sufficient vacuum to pull air outside of the case in from the front with the fan placement, looks like whats happening is that the fans on the HD cages are just recirculating case air, not pulling in fresh air from the front panel. This is a design flaw. Anandtech's review said the case ran warm, and i can see from your more thorough review why they came to that conclusion.

The other design flaws are obviously the radiators, how it would be near impossible to put them in the case what with the limited clearances in the HD area, or the bottom due to the cut out for the power supply cables being so far away from it.

While serious design mistakes like the window ventillation holes we can see (that is FUGLY), its the details like HD cage vents, the loose and poorly designed rentention mechanisms for the fan filters, the impossibility of putting in liquid coolers, that make your video more valuable than any others i've seen.

If Corsair can fix some issues it does look like a winner, they have a good concept, just not well executed.Quote

24-05-2012, 14:59:58

I like it. I'd break out the brown or grey paint and add some camouflage and some military stencilling, to give it more of an 'edge'. It just looks to bland in drab olive green.Quote

08-07-2012, 19:13:09

I'm glad i decided to get the white one, the white one looks SOOOOO much better than the military green.Quote

06-06-2013, 13:41:28

I have been very impressed with this case so far. I really like the way the Cable management is layed out, It is so easy to hide all of my cables. The Grommets work great and I think it has great support for many differnet fans and their placements. I recently added a Corsair Hydro Series H100i and the Radiator fit was good and the placement works, so far I am getting great cooling. The only think I did not like is the HDD Activity monitor on the front but that was easily fixed by disconnecting the wire and putting a plastic nut to insure it does not come in contact with anything. The Corsair fans push a lot of air but are a little on the noisy side so I put in 7 Noctua 120mm 1200/1500RPM Focused Fans which cool just as well and are super quite.Quote

25-04-2014, 15:36:55

I picked up this case in green for £75 on Amazon as a "nearly new" return. It is awesome. I'd have chosen the black one if it had been available at the same price but I have grown to like the green. A couple of shell casings placed on top would complete the ammo box look

The simple but effective cover latches enable very easy access to be able to swap out high capacity drives used for backups - there's far too much storage to back up to optical media!

I have the ASUS Z9PA-D8 dual 2011 socket Xeon motherboard with 2 x E5-2620v2 6-core processors and the case window would allow me to read the status codes on the 2-digit numeric display if it were not perforated by the ugly and pointless vent holes and mounts.

Rather than going for the water-cooled option, I have gone for the silent air cooled approach, using Noctua tower coolers and no fewer than 4 additional Noctua fans, all of which run silently in the 400 to 450 RPM range - by far the quietest computer I have ever had! I use the rear and 2 top vent positions for exhaust (since hot air rises anyway) and the central bottom position for inlet, since the case has dust filters in the bottom. I found the standard Corsair fans too noisy and the drive bay positioning ineffective - they could only recirculate air. They are not needed there anyway as the wattage of modern drives is very low. The fans on the tower coolers and the third on the rear line up nicely to eject the warmed air from the processors.

I have 2 Icy Dock 6-disk hot swap drive bays in 2 of the optical bays which add to the industrial feel. The 12 drives are connected to a pair of LSI MegaRaid cards and the case is just the right size for the 30cm fanout SAS to SATA cables to sit nicely. These cards have loads of status LEDs so if you want a light show as the system actually does work, you get it through the window from these cards

The down side was that the bottom mounted power supply and the top positioned power connectors on the motherboard (an extra 8-way connector per processor on this server grade board) were too far apart and I needed to buy extension cables, which delayed my build. However, the cable management keeps it all tidy and I have used cable ties to ensure that the joined cables can't come adrift.

I'm running ESXi 5.5 as the base OS on this system - it's an all-in-one video-editing workstation, file server, web server and sandbox for playing. I'm still working on it and improving it - and there's pain and testing along the way - but this is a very capable computer - much more than a PC - and frankly the robust and spacious case is a very important part of it.Quote

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