EK Supreme CPU Water Block


EK Water Blocks really need no introduction. In fact, their reputation for stringent quality control and production of gorgeous looking, and equally well-performing waterblocks precedes them.
In 1999, Edvard König had a dream to produce functional watercooling blocks whilst retaining a goal that every series of waterblocks there-after were to be better than the previous - in cooling performance and quality. Now, in 2007 EK's vision for quality watercooling components is now stronger than ever. But enough from me, I'll let 'Eddie' tell it how it is:
From the beginning Company’s most important role is to keep close contact with customers and listen to their needs and comments. To supply water cooling enthusiasts with products they want. Company’s main aim is to continuously develop extreme high performance and esthetic water blocks.!!Company is planning to set distribution channels into EU countries. Although company is getting a lot of enquiries, policy of company is to get resellers and distributors which can offer quality service to customers, which is company’s primary value.
I must say, it's quite a valuable set of ethics to have in this day and age of mass production. Ethics, which will no doubt hold EK Water Blocks in good stead for many years to come.By now many of you would have heard the rumblings amongst the PC enthusiast community of something special coming out of EK Water Blocks. If you guessed the EK Supreme CPU water block, then you would be correct. Overclock3D has been given a review sample of the EK Supreme and we intend to test it  to see if the rumours are really true - is this the water block that is capable of breaking the year-long reign of the D-TEK FuZion?
EK-Supreme water block
So without further delay let's head into the review to see if we can crown the EK Supreme as the new cooling king. Let's start by taking a look at the specifications of the EK Supreme.
Due to the fact that the EK Supreme has only really just become available, specifications are sketchy to say the least. Eddy has given us a few details on the EK Supreme's Product Page, here is what he has to say:
EK-Supreme universal water block for all socket CPU's has been designed for the hardest enthusiast user. The base plate is made of electrolytic copper lapped and polished to +/- 0,0007 mm flatness. The top is made of quality POM Acetal.

The EK-Supreme cooling engine uses fin design. The water accelerates through thin jet plate channels through 49 very thin channels, which gives extreme cooling surface. The copper base is also very thin, which gives very short distance for temperature to transfer from CPU to water.
One particularly interesting point that EK makes about the EK Supreme is the fact that it has a very thin base, which means that the heat from the processor has less distance to travel to the cooling medium. Now although this sounds perfectly logical there are conflicting schools of thought as to whether the base thickness of a water block should be thicker or thinner. Many argue that there is a happy medium for a thick base where it actually allows for even distribution of waste heat emitted by the processor. Well I guess we're going to have to reserve judgement until a little later in the review.
Let's head over the page to see the EK Supreme in all its glory...
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Most Recent Comments

14-12-2007, 09:53:14

OC3D has put the new EK Supreme through its paces in an effort to see if it can usurp the title of 'Cooling King' from the D-TEK FuZion.


I like my Supreme's with lots of anchovies and chillies.Quote

14-12-2007, 10:09:41

Nice job as normal PVs.

Fantastic looking and performing block!Quote

14-12-2007, 10:27:29

Thanks for the feedback Ham Yeah the block is simply gorgeous...I can't wait until the plexi tops arrive Quote

14-12-2007, 10:29:14

Nice review PV.. Great block Quote

14-12-2007, 10:32:36

Holy moly, didnt expect that much of it

Tempted to invest in one of these now Quote

14-12-2007, 11:01:33

Ooooh this looks interesting now..

I really am looking forward to you Fuzion nozzle kit reviews now against the EK Supreme with different plates.

I assume the Swiftech 655 has enough power to deal with the restrictiveness of this block? I'm only cooling my cpu at the moment with a PA120.3 lolQuote

14-12-2007, 11:27:26

99%, jeez. Move over Dtek.Quote

14-12-2007, 12:29:37

Ahhhhhhhh I was only searching for a review of this block last night.. I love you!!!

Ok perhaps not love but you are pretty good

I'll read this when I get back from Bloc Party tonight Quote

14-12-2007, 13:54:57

SOOO glad i waited and ordered one Quote

14-12-2007, 15:10:40

Dammit, my Fuzion is now obsolete Quote

14-12-2007, 15:42:46


14-12-2007, 15:44:37

Originally Posted by name='NickS'
Dammit, my Fuzion is now obsolete
By a whole 1°C ye Quote

14-12-2007, 16:22:26

Great review PV as always.

I'm looking forward to EK bringing out the new Accelerator plates for this block so we can have a heads up with the DTEK again but this time both with the aftermarket performance packs

They shall be heading your way shortly once they are in production Quote

14-12-2007, 22:59:52

Thanks all for the feedback on the review and I'm glad you enjoyed it Quote

15-12-2007, 06:21:57

well its good to see some hard evidence that shows how good this block is...Quote

11-01-2008, 11:28:59

Wow, nice review!

I'm kinda curious how it performs in comparison with the Nozzle kit from D-Tek. Still thinking about buying the nozzle kit or the EK block...Quote

11-01-2008, 13:04:13

I believe you will be seeing this fairly shortly Quote

12-01-2008, 06:34:43

Sure hope so

In the meantime I would like to get a nozzle kit as they're not that expensive, but they're kinda hard to get a hold of it seems.Quote

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