Linus Media Group’s Hack was worse than we thought

Linus Media Group's Hack was worse than we thought

Tech Quickie and TechLinked have become the latest victims of Linus Media Group’s YouTube channel hacks

Update – Linus Sebastian has released statement following today’s series of Linus Media Group YouTube hacks.

Update 2 – Linus Media Group has regained control of their YouTube channels and has released a new video on the topic. Read more about it here.

Following on from the hacking of the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel this morning, we can confirms that Tech Quickie and TechLinked, two other YouTube channel operated by Linus Media Group, has been hacked by crypto scammers. 

Like the Linus Tech Tips channel, which is currently delisted from YouTube (likely by Linus Media Group themselves), hackers have gained control of the Tech Quickie and TechLinked YouTube channel (a channel with 4.21 million subscribers and 1.82 million subscribers respectively), and have changed their names to Tesla and have used it to promote a cryptocurrency giveaway scam. Like the main Linus Tech Tips channel hack, scammers are falsely using the face of Elon Musk and the Tesla brand to promote their scam. 

Currently, the two hacked YouTube channels is being used to live stream a Bitcoin/Ethereum videos thousands people are watching at the time of writing. Within the chat for this video, there are links to a website that contains information about a (fake) cryptocurrency giveaway that asks users to send cryptocoins to the scammers with the promise that more will be sent back in return. This is obviously scam.

Linus Media Group's Hack was worse than we thought

Currently it is unknown if Linus Media Group’s hackers will target or are targeting any of Linus Media Group’s other YouTube channels in an effort to promote their crypto scams. We hope that Linus Media Group can soon regain control of all of their YouTube channels and that actions can be taken to secure their channels from similar hacks in the future. 

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