AlphaCool’s 8950GX2 Waterblock

News Posted 20/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: The Inquirer

AlphaCool logo

Our online source happened to stumble upon an unmanned AlphaCool booth at CeBIT, which happened to be displaying possible GPU blocks for Nvidia’s 8950GX2 card.

AlphaCool waterblocks 1

As you can see, the cooler has all the right ingredients to cool down the dual-PCB G80 – the block encompasses the NVIO1 chip, GPU, memory chips and ends up at power regulator.  We estimate that the block is some four to five millimetres thick, which is nothing compared to other water-cooling blocks we have seen before. Makes you wonder what’s flowing inside the block…

AlphaCool waterblock 2

It looks like the 8950GX2 will be following a similar vein to it’s older sibling the 7950GX2.

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