Cooler Master Releasing Limited Edition Cosmos Black

Cooler Master Releasing Limited Edition Cosmos Black
Next month, Cooler Master will be making a limited run of an all-black version of their Cosmos case.  Set for a December 11th release, the Cosmos Black will have a total availability of only 500 units.
Being a limited edition, the Cosmos Black will bear a number of unique features:
1. 500 worldwide availability
2. All black exterior
3. All black interior
4. Unique serial number on each chassis
5. New name & logo on each chassis
6. Tinted see-through side panel
7. Advanced cooling :
upgrade to 2 x 140mm top fans
HDD cooling module (bracket + 120mm fan)
The case will be bundled with a number of currently undisclosed items as well.  Buyers will also be given Cooler Master VIP membership.
Currently there is no word on pricing.  However, considering the “vanilla” Cosmos retails for £130 at ebuyer and given the limited nature of this case, I would think that over £300 would not be beyond the realm of possibility, perhaps even more as there will be other items bundled with the case.
Does the Cosmos case in black tickle your fancy?
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