Corsair at CES 2020 - Coolers, GamePads, iCue and More

Corsair's back in the air cooling game!

Corsair at CES 2020 - Coolers, GamePads, iCue and More

Corsair at CES 2020 - Coolers, GamePads, iCue and More

Corsair's CES prescience is as bigger and more varied than ever in 2020, with additions to the Corsair family like SCUF Gaming and Origin PC adding some extra variety into the mix, while Elgato and Corsair proper continue to unveil new products within their respective markets. 

A500 - A Corsair Air Cooler? 

Starting off our tour of Corsair's showroom, we found something that's been missing from Corsair for several product generations, tower heatsinks. While Closed-Loop Liquid Coolers, or All-in-One Liquid Coolers, continue to grow in popularity, traditional tower heatsinks remain popular amongst many users. Be it an aesthetic preference, or not, Corsair knows that it cannot ignore its consumer base, and as such, they have created their new A500 dual-fan CPU cooler.

Corsair claims that its A500 CPU cooler can handle up to 250W of heat production, promising support for all modern CPU socket, ranging from relative newcomers like AM4 and LGA 2066 to legacy sockets like AM2 and LGA 1156. With its dual fan setup, this heatsink should be able to handle any supported CPU at stock, with Corsair promising CPU thermals up to 10 degrees better than stock.       

The A500 ships with two fans and a 5-year warranty, shipping the unit with two of Corsair's premium ML (Magnetic Levitation) series fans and a tube of thermal paste. This CPU cooler does come with pre-applied thermal paste, but Corsair knows that its users may need to remount their coolers in time. Everyone upgrades their CPUs eventually. 

What's clear from Corsair's design is that they placed a lot of consideration into the A500's mounting process, adopting a simple but effective mounting system and a "slide-and-lock" fan mounting system. Corsair has designed their A500 to support tall memory DIMMs, but this support comes at the cost of higher than normal fan mounting. 

Customisation options? 

When looking at Corsair's A500, we noted that the top plate of the cooler could be removed. This means that A500 users could, at least theoretically, replace it with a custom top plate. We expect Corsair to deliver their A500 coolers to Origin PC with custom top plates (with Origin PC logos) and we hope that users of this heatsink use their creative talents to create their own top plate. A 3D printer and a custom logo could go a long way here. 

Corsair's A500 Dual Fan CPU cooler will become available this month and will retail for £89.99 (according to Corsair's website).

Corsair at CES 2020 - Coolers, GamePads, iCue and More
Corsair iCUE H1XXi PRO XT Series Liquid Coolers

Corsair is the company that popularised the Closed-Loop Liquid Cooler (CLC), and even now, Corsair remains as one of the industry's leaders. At CES, Corsair has showcased their new iCUE H1XXi PRO XT series of liquid coolers, which bring to the table enhanced RGB lighting support on their CLC's pump and Corsair's ML (Magnetic Levitation) series fans. 

The pumps of Corsair's new iCUE PRO XT units contain 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs, which can be controlled using Corsair's iCUE software. Corsair's iCUE software can also be used for fan control, enabling the iCUE PRO XT series' zero RPM fan mode, which allows the CLC's fans to stop spinning under low loads. 

Corsair's iCUE H1xxi RGB PRO XT series of liquid coolers will ship with H100i (2x120mm), H115i (2x140mm) and H150i (3x120mm) variants. These models should offer users enough cooling potential to support all of today's consumer-grade processors.  

Corsair at CES 2020 - Coolers, GamePads, iCue and More  
SCUF Gaming

SCUF Gaming was present at Corsair's CES 2020 showroom, allowing the company to show off its wide range of customisable gamepads for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. These controllers have a large number of replaceable parts and optional extras, allowing users to customise their SCUF gamepad to their liking. 

As some of our readers may be aware, SCUF existed as a brand before Microsoft created its Xbox Elite Controller for Xbox One, revealing how ahead of its time SCUF's customisable gamepad ideas are. Hopefully, we will see great things from SCUF Gaming moving forward. 

Corsair at CES 2020 - Coolers, GamePads, iCue and More  
SCUF gaming comfort? 

One neat product that we found at Corsair's showroom was a gamepad shaped armrest called the EXO SCUF, a product that's designed to make long gaming sessions more comfortable. 

The EXO SCUF is inflatable, a feature that allows gamers to define how the armrest feels, and offers gamers areas around the product periphery to route cables for headsets, gamepads or other items. 

Sadly, we do not know how much the EXO SCUF will cost or when it will become available.  

Corsair at CES 2020 - Coolers, GamePads, iCue and More  
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08-01-2020, 01:05:44

Aircooler is a rip off. $100 for a single tower dual fan config? HA. Noctua will something to say about that... I'd rather spend the extra few dollars for a NH-D15.
Corsair is basically charging full price for the ML fans then taking the $30 left over for the heatsink then probably $10 for RGB. The fans are more expensive than the rest of the cooler(yes I am exaggerating).Quote

08-01-2020, 08:06:50

I like the fan mounting design, fitting spring clips can be a right pain in the ass in smaller cases with large(r) air coolers.

I have a Dark Rock 4 in a Fractal Meshify C case and there is not much room to manouvre your hands around it for mounting fan(s).Quote

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