EK launches their EK-Loop NGP thermal paste

EK’s new EK-Loop NGP thermal paste is now available to purchase

EK has officially launched their new EK-Loop NGP thermal compound. With this compound, EK hopes to to boost the cooling performance of their liquid cooling solutions with a newly engineered Thermal Interface Material (TIM).

This new thermal compound uses Nano-Grade Particles (NGP) to help ensure effective heat transfer between CPUs/GPUs and their attached cooling solutions. EK has optimized their new material for longevity. They have also made it to function between temperatures of -20°C and 125°C.

At launch, this new thermal compound will be available in 5g tubes. The MSRP of this thermal compound is €9.90. EK-Loop NGP tubes also ship with a black spatula for easy application.

EK has advertised their new thermal interface material as having a thermal conductivity of 6.9 W/mK. We have not had the opportunity to test this thermal compound yet. This means that we do not know how this thermal compound compares with other available materials.

EK’s new thermal compound is currently available from the EK web store. Broader availability of this thermal compound is expected in the coming weeks.

You can join the discussion on EK’s new thermal compound on the OC3D Forums.

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