EK Water blocks issues a statement delayed payments controversy and confirms corrective actions

EK responds to Gamers Nexus acknowledging past issues and plans corrective action

Following the release of an expose from Gamers Nexus, EK Water Blocks has released an official statement regarding “late payments” and other controversies. This statement is available in both video and written forms, both of which are included in this article.

Edvard Konig, the Founder of EK, has confirmed that he has returned to EK as CEO to set the company on the right path. In fact, he has confirmed that several reported issues have already been addressed. This includes the filing of amended US Taxes. As of now, the company is committed to setting things right, under the leadership of their new CEO.

With their statement, EK Water Blocks has also set out a plan that details how they will make things right. This will start with dealing with any “outstanding payments”, with the company starting with affected employees.

In light of recent video content by different media outlets and overall public sentiment concerning the company’s operations, EK’s founder and CEO, Edvard Konig, issued the following statement.

Dear Community, Media, and Partners,

First of all, I would like to say that we take this very seriously. It is true that some of EK’s external contractors and business partners have experienced delayed payments. We sincerely apologize for the difficulties this has caused them and the lack of adequate communication.

In February 2024, I, Edvard Konig, resumed the CEO position to return EK to its respected path. Several issues have already been addressed, including the amended filing of US taxes. We have realigned our focuses while our vision and strategic orientations have remained unchanged. There is still a considerable distance to go, and we immediately began by implementing the following key actions:

  • Communicating openly any delays and uncertainties that affect outstanding payments, starting with those concerning our personnel.
  • Reconciling the relations and communication between all subsidiaries and entities of EK Water Blocks.
  • Improving the transparency and frequency of internal communication with all employees concerning our current situation.
  • Resolving any outstanding overtime work issues of EK employees. Anyone with a claim, please contact us so we can check everything and make things right. For that purpose, we are introducing a dedicated email address: [email protected].

We appreciate the patience and understanding of our community, customers, and partners during this time. We are committed to fulfilling our financial obligations and regaining your trust. Our mission to elevate computers for a better world remains at the forefront of our focus as we move forward.

Thank you all for standing with us as we work through these challenges, just as you have supported EK for over two decades. We are dedicated to making things right and fostering a more responsible company culture.

Edvard Konig, EK’s Founder and CEO

With the return of Edvard Konig, it is clear that EK is taking these issues seriously. Our hope is that EK keeps true to their word and can truly address the issues with their partners, employees and suppliers. Above all, we want EK’s employees and partners to be paid what they are owed.

You can join the discussion on EK Water Block’s statement on past issues on the OC3D Forums.

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