Intel Core i7 Overclocking on Thermaltake Xpressar RCS100

Xpressar RCS100 support Intel Core i7 platform and enhanced its performance with overclocking

Core i7 965 overclocking on Thermaltake XpressarA couple of months ago we reported that Thermaltake had released their Xpressar RCS100 micro-refrigeration system. Recently, Thermaltake has implemented Socket LGA1366 compatability into the Xpressar RCS100 and pushed an Core i7 920 and Core i7 965 processor using the micro-phase change system.

Thermaltake were able to take the Core i7 920 to 3.9Ghz, and the Core i7 965 processor to 4.0Ghz respectively, whilst maintaining a respectable temperature of 40 degrees Celcius (20 – 25 deg C ambient). Thermaltake claim a 10 deg C difference in favour of the Xpressar when compared to non-specified water-cooling setup.

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Can you see yourself forking out some folding stuff for the Thermaltake Xpressar RCS100?

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