Mac Pro like Mini ITX Dune Case is on Kickstarter

Mac Pro like Dune Case is on Kickstarter

Mac Pro like Mini ITX Dune Case is on Kickstarter


The Mini ITX Mac Pro like Dune Case is currently on Kickstarter, offering a sleek and stylish alternative to other small form factor PC cases. 

While many people will say that this case design is a simple copy of the Mac Pro, it is actually a very different case design, one that is designed to be used with ordinary PC hardware and not the highly specific internal of the Mac Pro, allowing this case to be used with any standard Mini ITX motherboard and any GPU under 185mm long.  

This case is made out of Aluminium, giving this case a lightweight design and is built to accommodate a Mini ITX motherboard, a GPU, two 2.5″ storage drives and an SFX PSU, allowing this case to have the very small dimensions of 260mmx215mmx215mm (HxWxD).  


Right now this case is currently on Kickstarter and has only 7 days left to achieve it’s $130,000 goal. At the time of writing this case has $72,915 pledged to the project, meaning that the project may not gain enough interest/funding in time to be successful. 

Right now the required pledge in order to get you own Dune Case is $169 minimum, making the case a rather expensive Mini ITX Chassis.  

For cooling this case only supports one fan 140mm fan, which is thankfully included with the case, cooling the case by intaking cool air at the base and exhausting warm air out the top of the case. 

Below are the full specifications of the PC case, including its two current colour options of Gold and Black.  


Mac Pro like Dune Case is on Kickstarter


Sadly at this time it looks like this case may not get the backing it required in order to be successfully kickstarted, but there is still 7 days left for this project to prove us wrong. 

Personally I think that this case may have gotten more interest if it was designed to be made out of plastic rather than Aluminium, allowing for a cheaper and easier to produce design that allows this case to be made and to be sold for a more affordable price. 

The PC Audience that wants a Mac like PC aesthetic is a pretty small niche, especially with this case where the external aesthetics come with some large spacial restrictions. 

You can view this project’s full Kickstarter page here. 


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