New XSPC Radiators in the works

New XSPC Radiators in the works
I’ve just had a little bird whisper in my ear that XSPC are about to bring out a new line of performance radiators for water-cooling. According to Aqua-Pcs, the new performance radiators will feature 120.1,120.2 and 120.3 sizes to cater for varied water-cooling needs and systems. At the moment we only have pre-production images of the 120.1 radiator, so please take into account that the paint and finish will improve on the retail versions. The new radiators look to have an increased depth over the older RS Series which should hold them in good stead.
Dimensions of the XSPC 120.1 are 160mm x 125mm x 60mm
I’m excited and can’t wait to see what the new series of radiators are like…
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