OCZ’s HydroJet Cooler Unveiled At CeBIT 2007

News Posted 19/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

OCZ Logo
OCZ has a prototype hybrid cooler that combines air and water cooling techniques to cool down the carbon based core. This new cooler is called Hydrojet, a hexagon shaped cooler that uses WayCool thermal management technology from Onscreen. According to them, WayCool is a proprietary cooling technology that transfers heat at extraordinarily high rates to promote superior thermal management. The scalability of the cooling devices allows the removal of heat from the source towards large surface areas that are easily accessible. OCZ Hydrojet is 100% self contained liquid cooling system. There is a silent fan near the base to draw the cool air in from the center top, cool down the liquid filled vents and the hot air is channeled back to the top and out through the 6 sides. Hopefully we can see them in production in the next few months.




The HydroJet certainly looks the goods, but it also appears incredibly weighty.

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