Patriot Launches Neat HDD/SSD Enclosures

Patriot Launches Neat HDD/SSD Enclosures
The Convoy series enclosures from Patriot are complete RAID solutionsHigh-performance memory manufacturer Patriot Memory today took the wraps off two new HDD/SSD enclosures. Dubbed the Convoy and Convoy XL respectively, Patriot Memory claims the enclosures are complete RAID solutions.
Both enclosures are 3.5in ones and can accommodate up to two 2.5in drives. Connectivity options include USB and SATA. While both enclosures are almost the same, the Convoy XL has an additional feature in the form a built-in RAID controller for RAID 0 and 1.
The supplied stand allows both enclosures to be used as external docking bays for 2.5in drives, an ideal option for users who prefer to use a 2.5in SSD as an external storage for their desktops or netbooks. The neat looking enclosures allow them to do away with the 3.5in to 2.5in adapters for their SSDs.
Expected to become available soon, both enclosures will carry a one-year warranty, though no information is available on the pricing.
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