TFC release the Monsta Rad

The Feser Company Release the Monsta Radiator.

Here is what TFC have to say about the new product:

“After a very long development time, many patterns productions and dozens of test runs, we have now developed a radiator, which is seeking his peers.

We only use the best materials for these radiators. The fins consist of high-grade copper (e-Cu). The water chambers consist of a brass alloy. We have to ensure that the layer of the black finish remains very thin, thus the heat-air transfer is optimized to a maximum. The G1/4″ thread for the inlet and outlet of the radiator offers the highest compatibility for a wide variety of fittings. The radiators can be installed horizontally or vertically. For a vertical mounting the air can escape entirely from the radiator by using the bleeder screw.”

The radiators have a distinctive “TFC – Xchanger” Logo. Each radiator after completion has been checked of impermeability and it’s function. Only then it gets the hologram label and comes with a serial number. Each radiator is a single piece. As a result, confusion or plagiarized almost impossible.
The radiator takes 420mm of fanning, thats three 140mm fans, however it is also compatiable with 120mm fans as well. It also takes a rather daunting amount of liquid- a crazy 1.3 litres. Yes, you read that right, 1.3 litres!

A limited production run has been completed, and they should be available around February.

You can view the full details for the Monsta here.

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