These new RS MAX fans from Corsair are THICK!

Corsair aims to make your PC cooler and quieter with their new 30mm thick RS MAX fans

Corsair have just launched a new range of fans, and they are chunky. With their new 120mm and 140mm RS MAX series fans, Corsair have released their first 30mm thick fans. That’s 5mm thicker than standard 25mm thick PC fans.

With this release Corsair are making it clear that size matters. Their new RS MAX series fans 20% thicker than standard PC fans, and allows these fans to push more air and do so with higher static pressure. Those changes result in more powerful airflow and lower system thermals.

When compared to standard 25mm fans, 30mm  thick fans can deliver the same airflow at lower fan RPMs. This allows system with thicker fans to deliver the same airflow with less system noise. That means that Corsair’s new RS MAX fans can be used to make your system quieter.

These new fans from Corsair utilise the company’s “Magnetic Dome” bearings, an evolved form of their magnetic levitation bearings. These new bearings are both quieter, and offer increased longevity, making these new bearings a win-win for Corsair and their customers.

Corsair’s new RS MAX series fans are now available from Corsair’s webstore and their partnered retailers.

You can join the discussion on Corsair’s new RX MAX PC fans on the OC3D Forums.

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