6GHz out of the box – Intel Teases their i9-13900KS processor

6GHz out of the box - Intel Teases their i9-13900KS processor

Intel showcases their first 6GHz Out of the box processor

Intel’s i9-13900K is no longer the company’s fastest processor. That accolade is now held by Intel’s i9-13900KS, a limited edition CPU that Intel first teased in September 2022. This new CPU is a hyper-tuned Raptor Lake processor that can achieve 6GHz boost clock speeds out of the box using mainstream cooling solutions. Intel has now demoed this processor, showcasing the i9-13900KS’ ultra-high boost clock speeds in action.

In the demo video below, Intel’s Gaming Technical Marketing Lead, Jason Xie, showcases their i9-13900KS processor when used with a Corsair All-In-One liquid cooling solution. This demo confirms Intel’s claim that their newest i9 processor can deliver 6GHz speeds, enabling their i9-13900KS to deliver a notable performance bump over their existing i9-13900K processor. 

Currently, it is unknown how much Intel’s limited edition KS series processor will cost, though we expect it to have a significant price premium over the company’s standard i9-13900K. Intel’s last-generation i9-12900KS had a $150 premium over its standard counterpart, so don’t expect Intel’s i9-13900KS CPU to be cheap.

Intel’s i9-13900KS is a Limited Edition processor that is designed to do one thing, push Intel’s Raptor Lake silicon to its limits. With this new processor, Intel wants to secure for themselves a leadership position within the mainstream CPU market, crabbing headlines by delivering performance levels that exceed that of their competition in many areas.

Intel plans to launch their i9-13900KS processor soon, but be aware that the i9-13900KS is a limited edition processor, so don’t expect retail stocks of this processors to last for long.   

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