AMD reveals impressive Q2 2018 Financial Results

AMD posts impressive financial results, expects further growth in Q2

AMD reveals impressive Q2 2018 Financial Results

AMD has released their Q2 2018 financials, surpassing their Q1 expectations with $1.76 billion in revenue, an increase of over $110 million over Q1. This increase comes despite recent declines in mining-based Raden graphics sales, showcasing the strength of the company’s Ryzen offerings as well as their growth in the enterprise markets. 

Since Q2 2017, AMD has turned a $42 million loss into a $116 million profit, a boost of $154 million. This growth primarily comes from AMD’s Computing and Graphics Segment, which sees a year-over-year revenue increase of 64%, though the company’s Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom segment revenue has also seen in a revenue boost of 37% year-over-year, highlighting the strength of AMD’s console and server technologies. 

AMD’s Computing and Graphics Segment has seen a revenue decline this quarter, dropping 3% since Q1, though this change is driven primarily by lower graphics card sales and AMD’s decision to lower Ryzen’s pricing in recent quarters. AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X released with a price tag of $499, whereas its successor, the Ryzen 7 2700X, released for $299. This lower pricing is most offset by increase manufacturing yields and higher sales volume. 

The highlight of AMD’s Q2 revenue is their Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom division, which has seen a quarter-over-quarter revenue increase of 26%. This change is driven by the popularity of AMD’s EPYC server products and the continued popularity of modern AMD-based consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and their high-end variants.  

In Q3 AMD expects their revenue to be around $1.7 billion plus or minus $50 million with an increased gross margin of 38%, which will be driven by strong sales of Ryzen and EPYC products and partially offset by lower graphics card sales. 


AMD reveals impressive Q2 2018 Financial Results  

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