AMD discusses 7nm and Chiplet CPU designs on “The Bring Up”

AMD discusses 7nm and their Chiplet CPU designs on

AMD discusses 7nm and Chiplet CPU designs on “The Bring Up”

At their “Next Horizon” event AMD revealed two major hardware innovations, the first of which was their usage of TSMC’s leading-edge 7nm process and the second of which was AMD’s revolutionary “Chiplet” design for their Zen 2 EPYC processors. 

In the latest edition of “The Bring Up”, AMD’s new video news series, hosts Cavin Weber and Bridget Green discussed the benefits of both 7nm and the “Chiplet” design approach for large server-grade processors. 

On the topic of 7nm, the performance and power improvements offered by 7nm are noted as well as the tremendous advances in transistor density that the new process delivers over 14nm, providing an increase in density of around 2x, opening the door to processors with increased transistor counts and greater efficiency. 

When it comes to their “chiplet” design approach, the company also noted the benefits of small-die designs over the traditional “monolithic” approach, with chiplet-based designs providing higher-yield silicon and lower-pricing to consumers. AMD’s next-generation ROME series EPYC processors will utilise this transformative design approach, potentially packing performance levels that Intel will be unable to match at equivalent price points. 

While some followers of the CPU market will already know the benefits of both 7nm and AMD’s novel “chiplet” design approach, AMD’s “The Bring Up” offers newcomers to the scene a great opportunity to discover what these technological advancements do to benefit the PC market, using easy to understand language to do so. Don’t expect to be overwhelmed with technical jargon and crazy acronyms. 

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