AMD: Eight cores on 45 nanometre

News Posted 11/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: Fudzilla

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We have some more interesting news from the world of AMD. It seems that everyone is looking at what AMD has to offer performance-wise when Barcelona and its desktop counterpart arrive on the scene in 2007. But word has it that in late 2007 AMD are also scheduling the K10 design and a new chip codenamed Shanghai in 2008.

The new chip will have the improved K10 marchitecture, more L3 cache memory and faster speed. It is scheduled for first part of 2008.
One of the key things is that it will be made in 45 nanometre marchitecture and will enable AMD to go eight cores on the same sockets. The first reports claims that eight core won’t be native design, rather two 45 nanometre chips on the same socket.

We are in very interesting times

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