AMD's Zen 2 CPU samples reportedly run at around 4.5GHz "generally"

Does this mean higher boost clocks?

AMD's Zen 2 CPU samples reportedly run at around 4.5GHz

AMD's Zen 2 CPU samples reportedly run at around 4.5GHz "generally"

According to sources at motherboard manufacturers, Bilibili has reported that AMD's Zen 2-based Ryzen 3000 series processors will be "improved by 15%" when compared to their Ryzen 2nd Generation counterparts. 

Sadly, this claim does not say whether or not this means a 15% raw performance boost, a 15% increase in average IPC (performance per clock). Even so, the power consumption and heat generation of AMD's new processors were said to be "well received", which means that there could be plenty of thermal/power headroom for overclocking. 

It is worth noting that this data is said to come from early CPU samples, which means that clock speeds are likely to be lower than their final retail counterparts. Even so, the 4.5GHz "general" clock speed of AMD's first AM4 Zen 2 samples are encouraging, as this data suggests that AMD's upcoming processors can boost beyond 4.5GHz. Improvements to AMD's memory controller are claimed not to be as large as expected, though any positive movement in this direction is welcome. 

AMD's upcoming X570 series of motherboards are rumoured to release with 40 total PCIe lanes, which are shared between PCIe slots, I/O connectivity and storage interfaces (M.2/NVMe, SATA etc). X570 motherboards are also rumoured to support a large number of USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports.

AMD's Zen 2 CPU samples reportedly run at around 4.5GHz  

Zen 2 will improve several aspects of AMD's Zen architecture in significant ways, with the architecture doubling their floating point performance thanks to stronger AVX support. This change will allow AMD to deliver much higher performance in specific workloads, though many tasks will be unaffected by the change. 

Generalised ??% IPC increase claims are useful when considering processors with a wide brush, but ultimately it is useless when real-world performance is always workload specific. AMD's Ryzen 2nd Generation processors were marketed with 3% IPC gains, but in reality, the improved memory/cache latencies of AMD's Zen + architecture could deliver PC users up to 20% performance gains under the right circumstances. 

According to Bilibili's report, AMD's B550 series motherboards will release two months after X570, which is rumoured to launch in July. 

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Most Recent Comments

29-04-2019, 10:49:19

I'm hoping single core performance numbers are closer to an 8700K when we get the final numbers.Quote

29-04-2019, 11:05:26

I haven't upgraded or had any desire to upgrade my system in ages. When Navi and Zen 2 come out later this year, I'm getting an X570 motherboard, a Navi 10 GPU, and an 8-core CPU.

The reason I'd be replacing my X370 motherboard is because of how appalling the software is. After years of it being on the market it still can't boot properly. The BIOS still has major problems. It's infuriating. No updates have permanently fixed them all.

Navi 10 won't likely offer much more performance than my current GTX 1080, but I don't really need more performance. I just want an efficient AMD GPU again. I could possibly sell my GTX 1080 for €250 and only have to put another €50 or so to the Radeon card and have access to Freesync again.

I have no need for anything more 8 cores. I just want higher performance per clock.Quote

29-04-2019, 12:47:29

So nearly popped for a 2700 and Strix B450 yesterday but thought it through and decided the 16 core AM4 is where I should go, as it would be a true "all core" upgrade.

My 14 core Xeon would still kick it's ass MT though which is why I'm waiting, and I would worry about a B450 board having the cajoolies to handle 16 cores.Quote

29-04-2019, 22:17:01

*SO* Excited for Zen2!

I want to get rid of my 7700K so bad!Quote

29-04-2019, 22:42:08

Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
I haven't upgraded or had any desire to upgrade my system in ages. When Navi and Zen 2 come out later this year, I'm getting an X570 motherboard, a Navi 10 GPU, and an 8-core CPU.
I'm in the same boat. I hardly ever use my PC anymore. I only just recently started using it more because I am doing school online, other than that I haven't actually sat down and played a game longer than 20 minutes for probably 6 months if not longer.
I'd like to get Zen 2 like you just because I want to support AMD, but really it would just go to waste.Quote

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