AMD’s R&D Budget has increased by 25% since this time last year

AMD's R&D Budget has increased by 25% since this time last year

AMD’s R&D Budget has increased by 25% since this time last year

The past year has been kind to AMD, with their Ryzen and EPYC series CPUs propelling the company into success thanks to both their strong performance and competitive pricing.  

One of the most exciting aspects of AMD’s Zen CPU architecture is the simple fact that it was developed on a shoestring budget, with the company being unable to deliver the same levels of investment as their competitors, especially given the fact that they are required to service both the CPU and GPU markets.

With AMD returning to profitability, the company now has a lot of excess funds to push into their development and marketing efforts. Since this time last year, AMD’s R&D budget has increased by around 25% when looking at both Q2 and H1 of the past two years, an increase that confirms AMD’s commitment to future product developments. 

We also reported in 2017 that AMD had increased their R&D budgets around 10-20% when compared to equivalent quarters in 2016, revealing a massive step up in AMD’s development efforts since 2016. Sadly, AMD has changed the way that they report their financials, making direct comparisons between AMD’s 2016 and 2018 reports inaccurate. Even so, AMD has is now ploughing an impressive amount of cash into R&D, which can only mean good things for the company moving forward. 

R&D Budget (Million) 2017 2018 Increase (YoY)
Q2 $285 $357 25.2%
H1 $556 $700 25.9%

AMD’s plans are obvious, to remain relevant even after the release of Zen, with the company planning to release new Zen 2 CPUs in early 2019 and then Zen 3 architectures at a later date. AMD also has similar plans for their GPU division, with hopes of becoming more competitive in both the compute and gaming markets in the coming years. 

AMD has increased their R&D budget by almost 22% in the past year

Ryzen/EPYC’s successful launch in 2017 has given AMD the ability to make further investments in their future, which will hopefully result in further success for the company and better hardware for consumers. 

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