ASUS' ROG Z690 Hero Recall is Old News - Here are the facts

Last year's news is doing the rounds again

ASUS' Z690 Hero Recall is Old News - Here are the facts

Don't worry, your ROG Z690 Hero probably isn't a fire hazard

On August 18th, the US' Consumer Product Safety Commission released a statement regarding the recall of ASUS's ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard due to "Fire and Burn Hazards", leading many PC/hardware websites to report on the news with typical levels of sensationalism. Today, we will be reporting the facts of this recall, and why practically all ASUS customers shouldn't be concerned, even if they own a Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard. 

To put things simply, only products that were manufactured in 2021 with the model number "90MB18E0-MVAAY0" are affected by the issue that is addressed by this recall. ASUS has confirmed to us that products with this model number have never been made available in the UK, EU, and APEC regions. So immediately, most ASUS customers can breathe a sigh of relief. 

What's the problem?

Some early ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards were affected by a manufacturing issue, which caused a specific capacitor to be installed in an incorrect orientation. ASUS' quality control mechanisms failed to spot this defect, and faulty motherboards were packaged and shipped to retailers in the US. 

Affected motherboards were either plagued with code 53 errors, RAM compatibility issues, and there were reports of some motherboards being "burned up". When this issue came to light, ASUS' staff worked quickly to remove affected motherboards from US retailers and to replace affected motherboards for their customers. ASUS recalled their Z690 Hero in 2021, and back then ASUS confirmed that they "will be working with relevant government agencies on a replacement program."

This recall is old news

ASUS recalled their ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards in late 2021 (see our reporting from back then). ASUS responded immediately when production issues for some Z690 Hero batches came to light, issuing their recall over the holiday period while isolating the issue to relatively few units. Recent reports of this old recall stems from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's recent statements regarding the recall, statements which came over seven months after ASUS had issued their own recall.

All stock of ASUS' ROG Z690 motherboard since 2022 has been confirmed to be 100% safe in all regions, and no UK/EU/APEC customers were never affected by this issue to begin with. Customers with affected motherboards should already have had their motherboard replaced by ASUS, and retail stock of faulty Z690 motherboards have already been returned to ASUS. Effectively, the US is issuing a recall notice for a product that has already been recalled.

ASUS' Z690 Hero Recall is Old News - Here are the facts

Should I be concerned by this recall? 

ASUS' Z690 manufacturing issues only ever affected US customers, so Z690 Hero buyers from the UK and Europe can rest assured that their motherboards are not affected by this recall. If you are from the US and purchased your Z690 Hero in 2022, you are also unlikely to be affected by this issue. Only motherboards that were produced in 2021 could be affected by this recall's associated manufacturing issue, and affected motherboards have been removed from retail for quite some time. 

US owners of ASUS' Maximus Z690 Hero can look at their motherboard's part number to confirm that their motherboards are not being recalled. As a reminder, only motherboards with the model number "90MB18E0-MVAAY0" that were manufactured in 2021 are affected by this issue. 

ASUS responded quickly when the first reports of the Z690 Hero's "reverse memory capacitor" issue came to light. The fact that this old recall is resurfacing only confirms that ASUS did what they said they would do in December 2021 and worked with all relevant government agencies and create an official replacement program for affected customers. 

To make a long story short, ASUS fixed their Z690 Hero motherboard a long time ago, pulled affected stock from retail, and replaced affected units for customers at their own expense. Sensationalist reports regarding this recall that do not mention these facts are either terribly researched or deliberately misleading. As it stands, practically all Z690 hero owners have nothing to worry about. That said, out of an abundance of caution, US owners of this motherboard should check their board's part number to confirm that their motherboard is unaffected. 

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Why reporting on this now? I did see the article, but skimmed through most of if… Has it come to light again? As I assume this was the issue that Buildzoid and JayzTwoCents reported on last year?…Quote

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