Could AMD Be The First To Ship 8-Core CPUs?

News Posted 03/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: The Inquirer

AMD logo

While it’s a short news post , it does contain an interesting tidbit of information. It seems that AMD is planning to follow the strategy of rival Intel by sticking two of their upcoming quad-core CPUs on one die and calling it an 8-core CPU. Intel is using the same strategy at the moment with their quad-core designs, which are really two dual-core CPUs on the same die.

So the question is, can AMD double up their native-quad core CPUs before Intel can either figure out a way to put 4 dual-core CPUs on a single die, or develop a native quad-core?

“HOW DO YOU get from Montreal to Shanghai? If you are AMD, you put two Shanghais on an MCM and get to eight cores. How? HT3.”

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