der8auer has worked with Thermal Grizzly to create an Intel Alder Lake CPU Contact Frame

This tool may be a must for hardware Alder Lake overclockers

der8auer has worked with Thermal Grizzly to create an Intel Alder Lake CPU Contact Frame

Thermal Grizzly and der8auer reveal their Intel 12th Generation CPU Contact Frame and Lapping Frame

Intel's LGA1700 CPU socket has a problem, it's latching mechanism puts uneven pressure on their 12th generation Alder Lake processors and causes their CPUs to bend when mounted. This results in uneven contact with CPU heatsinks and sub-optimal cooling, that said, Intel does not see this issue as a problem.

Is Intel's LGA1700 mounting system an issue?

Intel has been clear on this issue. Their 12th Generation Alder Lake processors are designed to be used with their stock CPU mounting mechanism and, as such, run within the company's design tolerances and specifications. Intel's Alder Lake processors are running as designed, and consumers should not be concerned by reported of "bent" processors.

What Intel says about their mounting mechanism is accurate. However, an argument can be made that while Alder Lake works as intended, Intel's mounting mechanism is still sub-optimally designed and can be improved. That's where Thermal Grizzly and de8auer come into play. 

Enter the Thermal Grizzly CPU Contact Frame

Thermal Grizzly and Roman "der8auer" Hartung (a mechatronics engineer and hardcore overclocker), have designed an alternative mounting solution for Intel's Alder Lake processors that are more optimally designed for Intel's Alder Lake processors. 

Thermal Grizzly's CPU Contact Frame for Intel 12th Generation processors is machined to apply pressure on Intel's Alder Lake processors from all sides. This results in more even contact pressure on the processor and avoids Intel's Alder Lake "bent CPU" problem. This allows heatsinks to make more direct contact with Intel's Alder Lake processors and can notably reduce the load thermals on an Alder Lake processors. However, please note that impact of this product will differ depending on your chosen heatsink, its load temperatures, and your processor.

Below is what Thermal Grizzly has to say about their CPU Contact Frame. 

    The standard Integrated Loading Mechanism (ILM) has contact points that are in the middle of the elongated CPU. The surface of the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS) curves concavely due to the resulting uneven contact pressure of the processor in the socket. As a result, the base plate of the CPU cooler rests primarily on the edges of the IHS, so that the thermal "hotspot" in the center of the CPU is not optimally covered.

The Intel 12th Gen CPU Contact Frame has a special inner contour to shift the contact pressure from the center of the CPU to the edges during assembly. This avoids the concave curvature of the IHS. As a result, the CPU cooler rests better on the processor and a larger contact surface is created to dissipate the waste heat of the CPU.

The assembly of the Contact Frame is very easy and takes only a few steps. Depending on the CPU cooler used and depending on the CPU used, the temperatures of the processor can be noticeably reduced.

der8auer has worked with Thermal Grizzly to create an Intel Alder Lake CPU Contact Frame

der8auer's Alder Lake CPU lapping solution

Alongside their CPU Contact frame for Intel Alder Lake processors, der8auer and Thermal Grizzly have also created a CPU lapping solution for Intel's Generation Alder Lake processors. What is CPU lapping? It's a process where overclockers sand down the top layer of their CPU's IHS to make it thinner and flatter. This process can improve the contact your processor makes with your CPU cooler and improve its thermal performance. This process can reduce the load temperatures of your processor by a few degrees.

der8auer/Thermal Grizzly's Alder Lake lapping solution does two things. Firstly, it allows users of their CPU contact frame to lap their processors in a pressurised/mounted scenario (the same conditions as if it were on a motherboard), and allows novice CPU lappers to do so safely (with minimal risk of lapping your CPU too much).

Please note, that lapping your processor will void your CPU's warranty and you risk damaging your CPU while lapping it. Please note that der8auer's Alder Lake CPU contact frame and lapping kit are separate products.

Both der8auer's Alder Lake CPU Contact Frame and Lapping tool will be available worldwide through Thermal Grizzly soon.

You can join the discussion on der8auer/Thermal Grizzly's CPU Contract Frame for Intel 12th Gen CPUs on the OC3D Forums.

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