Eaglelake: Bearlake’s Successor

News Posted 02/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

Intel logo

Apparently, Intel has finished designing its Bearlake motherboards based around the P35 and G35 chipsets. According to our source, we can expect a number of motherboards based around ‘Bearlake’, being displayed by manufacturers at CeBIT in various configurations.

But, Intel are also preparing to start work on Bearlake’s successor – Eaglelake, whilst pairing it up with an ICH10 chipset to support the FSB Penryn processors.

…now working on ICH10 slated for launch next year. Intel has removed PS/2 and LPT ports support from the chipset. The new ICHs will include a new 10GB Ethernet controller and together with some new technology from Intel, it will reduce load on CPU and improve power consumption. Intel will include a Wireless Ethernet controller into ICH10 too. The Bearlake motherboard will employ IAMT technology and hardware based firewall. A performance improvement of 15% is expected with the new chipsets working together with Conroe processors.

It’ll be interesting to see how Eaglelake and ICH10 perform in the face of AMD’s Barcelona!

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