Intel confirms that Arrow Lake desktop CPUs are launching in Q4 2024

Arrow Lake Desktop CPUs are launching this year, Intel confirms

Today, Intel gave us an update on their client CPU roadmap, and the company has confirmed that their next-generation Arrow Lake CPUs are “on track” to launch in Q4 2024.

Arrow Lake will be the desktop CPU architecture that succeeds Raptor Lake, and it will reportedly arrive alongside a new CPU socket from Intel called LGA-1851. Intel has confirmed that they will give us an “update” on Arrow Lake at Computex 2024. That means that we can expect to hear more about Intel’s next-gen CPUs very soon.

If Arrow Lake features the same CPU architectures as Lunar Lake, it will ship with new P-core and E-core designs. Assuming that these CPU core architectures are the same as Lunar Lake, these new CPU core designs are called “Lion Cove” and Skymont”. With these next-generation CPU designs, Intel will be updating both their P-core and E-core designs for the first time. Remember, Raptor Lake only updated its P-core design, with its E-cores being the same Gracemont cores as Alder Lake.

Intel Arrow Lake at Computex

At Computex 2024, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot of Intel LGA-1851 motherboards on the show floor. That said, we expect Intel to focus primarily on their upcoming Lunar Lake CPU designs. After all, Lunar Lake will be launching first in Q3 2024.

Unlike Lunar Lake, Arrow Lake will not have a memory-on-package design. Arrow Lake will have a more traditional CPU design than Lunar Lake. That said, Arrow Lake will be much more powerful in raw CPU terms, as it should feature more CPU cores in its higher-end configurations. It will also be able to draw much more power on desktop systems. Currently, Arrow Lake is expected to feature up to 24 total CPU cores.

You can join the discussion on Intel’s next-generation desktop CPUs on the OC3D Forums.

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