Intel Offers New Features for 4 Series Chipset

Intel Offers New Features for 4 Series Chipset Based Platforms

Since the release of Intel’s Core i7 and X58 Express Chipset, we have known that Intel plans to retain LGA775 for use as a midrange and entry level setup. In order to make the older socket more appealing, Intel are looking to add more features to subsequent chipset’s.

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In preparation for Microsoft’ Windows 7, Intel 4 Series Motherboards will utilise the WDDM1.1 Driver. WDDM1.1 is a new driver model introduced into Windows 7 with better stability and performance compared with Vista WDDM1.0. As well as better driver support, G45 will see DDR3 come to the fore over DDR2.

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G45 chip will be added into advanced HD De-interlacing technology to reduce cutting of object’s edging lines. Especially when the resolution of original image is not enough, the De-interlacing technology can optimize display output and provide clear HD image processor solutions. G45 also features 24Hz (24P) display support. The original image of movies is only 24P. Regardless of 50P or 60P output, it should pass through 3:2/2:2 pulldown technology, so some loss of graphics effects would be unavoidable. At present, the specs of images in Blue-ray and HD DVDs are 1080/24P. G45 supports 24P display, so it delivers better producers’ conception and theatre effects to users.

G45/G43 chip will have Media enhancement, providing Post Processing and Repeater Mode.
G43 supports 4 DIMMs, that is to say it support maximum 16GB (DDR2) or 8GB (DDR3) memory. G41 will support HDMI output. The Southbridge chip will utilize ICH7R instead of ICH7 to expand RAID support.

Attractive enough features to keep you rocking LGA775?

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