Intel's Raptor Lake CPUs reportedly have a 350W Extreme Performance Mode

Good luck keeping this Raptor cool

Intel's Raptor Lake CPUs reportedly have a 350W Extreme Performance Mode

Some Intel 700 series motherboards will have an insane 350W mode for Raptor Lake series CPUs

Intel's likely to launch their next-generation Raptor Lake processors within the next few months, and rumour has it that Intel has an "extreme performance mode" up their sleeve that can deliver up to 15% performance gain for those that are crazy enough to use it. 

According to prohardver, a Hungarian technology website, some of Intel's 700 series motherboards will feature a power limit that can be set to 350 watts. Today's Alder Lake processors and 600 series Intel motherboards are designed with a 241 watt power limit in mind, which means that these processors and motherboards are not designed with this heightened power limit in mind. 

Intel's extreme performance mode is an optional feature for Raptor Lake processors and supported motherboards, as Raptor Lake processors are designed to function on today's 600 series Intel motherboards. Only those with a motherboard and cooling solution that can handle it will be able to use Intel's 350W extreme performance mode. 

Motherboard manufacturers have reportedly seen performance gains as high as 15% when using Intel's extreme performance mode, though this mode is only designed for users who have extreme cooling systems. Without a high-end cooling solution, a power draw of 350 watts would easily overheat your processor and cause a system reset.  

Intel's Raptor Lake CPUs reportedly have a 350W Extreme Performance Mode

Intel is currently expected to release Raptor Lake in October, after AMD's Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 series CPU launch. Currently, it is unknown how Intel's Raptor Lake and AMD's Ryzen 7000 series processors will compare in productivity and gaming workloads. 

Late 2022 is going to become a CPU battleground, with both AMD and Intel fighting for the performance crown. Competition will be tight, and that should be a good thing for consumers. That said, DDR5 prices remain high, a factor that may prevent many PC builders from upgrading their systems. 

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Most Recent Comments

18-08-2022, 12:14:17

I can't imagine this is going to be too popular especially in the UK where we're seeing utilities going up by as much as £5000 per year.Quote

18-08-2022, 12:45:38

This is actually really good. Most of the loads are bursty in nature. If you can get 15% more performance when an app or game needs it for a short time it is amazing.

I remember on my old system when using Photoshop, my fans would spike up just for a time I was dragging the magic lasso tool on a large picture. The rest of the time they were chilling.

Also, most power draw benchmarks are useless. Yes, 12900K pulls more power than 5950X in Blender render, but no one in the right mind would ever use CPU for any render or encode.

I will try to dig up a benchmark where someone measured total power draw during a period of time for a game or productivity task and, despite more power draw in Blender render, Intel CPU was actually pulling less power over time in actual use case scenario.

Modern CPUs are really good at power management. So if it can boost higher for a short period of time, and keep the overall power consumption same-ish I'd say yes, give me more of that.

Edit: Here it is link.
Edit 2: And another link.Quote

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