Intel Says Goodbye

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Intel phasing out entry-level Netburst processors

Apparently Intel has sent notification to vendors and has begun removing the availability of Celeron D 331 and 336 models.

The two Celeron Ds are based on the 90 nm Prescott core and Intel’s Netburst architecture that was introduced with the 180 nm Pentium 4 processor (Willamette core) back in November 2000. The 331 (2.66 GHz) and 336 (2.8 GHz) are currently offered as the two cheapest processors in the firm’s desktop processor portfolio: Both CPUs are selling for a tray price of $34.

According to Intel’s product change notification, the Celeron D 331 and 336 will be available for order until September 7 of this year; the last shipment is scheduled for May 9, 2008.

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