Intel To Update Atom Platform

Intel To Update Atom Platform

Some time in the second half of this year, Intel will be bringing out their next generation of the Atom low power platform.  Codenamed Pine Trail-M, the new platform will consist of a new Atom CPU called Pineview paired with a new Tiger Point southbridge chip.  The northbridge functions, such as the memory controller, will be built into the new 45nm-based chip.

The new Pineview CPU is of a 4-layer PCB design, down from the current Atom N270’s 6 layers and will boast higher clockspeeds as well as support for DDR2-667 memory.  The integrated graphics will still be Intel’s GMA 950 but will get a clockspeed boost from 133MHz to 200 MHz.  Intel has also managed to drop the chip’s TDP a watt down to 7W, with overall power consumption to average around 2W, allowing it to utilize a fanless cooling solution.

The Pineview CPU will come in single core netbook and dual core nettop varieties, with the cost expected to be lower than the current Atom offerings.

Will Intel continue to dominate the low power platform market with this next generation Atom?

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