MSI B450 promotion hints at Ryzen/AM4 CPUs with more than eight cores

MSI B450 promotions hints at Ryzen/AM4 CPUs with more than eight cores

MSI B450 promotion hints at Ryzen/AM4 CPUs with more than eight cores

There have been rumours flying around about AMD’s Zen 2 architecture for quite some time, promising AMD’s first true architectural leap over their already powerful Zen designs. 

Today, we have our first official hint at AMD’s future Ryzen processors, with MSI’s latest B450 promotional video stating their motherboards support CPUs with eight cores and up. No current-generation Ryzen processors offer more than eight cores, at least on the AM4 socket, suggesting that MSI is referring to a future processor. 

AMD’s upcoming Zen 2 processors promise to deliver increased performance over their Zen and Zen predecessors, utilising a 7nm manufacturing process while also offering an architectural shift to achieve enhanced performance levels.

The use of a 7nm manufacturing technology also decreased the size of AMD’s processors significantly, leaving extra die space to fit more cores or to give each core an increased transistor budget, giving AMD an opportunity to release Zen 2/Ryzen 3000 series processors with an expanded core count. Early rumours have suggested that Zen 2 processors will offer users up to twelve cores in AM4, a 50% increase over AMD’s existing processors.                    


AMD has promised to support their AM4 socket until 2020, which means that we can expect another generation of Ryzen processors on today’s motherboards and chipsets, a fact that should allow today’s B450 motherboards to support higher core counts, assuming today’s Zen 2 rumours are correct. 

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