Raptor Lake Gaming Performance Tested - Does Intel's i9-13900K impress?

Does Intel's upcoming desktop flagship impress?

Raptor Lake Gaming Performance Tested - Does Intel's i9-13900K impress?

Intel's 13th Generation i9-13900K's gaming performance has been showcased

Thanks to ExtremePlayer, Intel's upcoming i9-13900K has been tested under gaming workloads, highlighting the performance gains that gamers should expect from Intel's upcoming desktop flagship. 

Intel's i9-13900K is due to launch later this year, offering PC builders a more refined hybrid x86 design than today's Alder Lake product offerings, higher core clock speeds, more E-cores, and larger L2 and L3 caches. That said, many aspects of Raptor Lake are very similar to Alder Lake, making Raptor Lake look like an iterative refinement, not a revolutionary new CPU design.

In his benchmarks, Extreme Player tested Intel's 13th Generation i9-13900K with an Z690 ROG Maximus Extreme motherboard, an MSI RTX 3090 Ti Gaming X Trio, and a 1500W power supply. The system also used 32GB of DDR5-6400 memory.

At this time, it is unknown if further performance could be unlocked for the i9-13900K with future Z690 BIOS iterations. While Z690 supports Raptor Lake processors, it is possible that future Z690 BIOS revisions could deliver stronger performance levels in some workloads.

Gaming performance - Strong Minimum Framerates

Intel's i9-13900K was tested at 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolutions with a variety of games and using 3DMARK. In 3DMARK, CPU tests saw performance gains of almost 40% with Raptor Lake over Intel's i9-12900K, and gaming performance saw smaller (sub-10%) performance gains in most cases in terms of average framerate.

Raptor Lake's minimum framerates in gaming workloads is where Intel's Raptor Lake products shine, seeing gains that were as high as 79% in Red Dead Redemption 2. That said, most games saw minimum framerates that were less than 30% higher. Even so, higher minimum framerates allow Raptor Lake to deliver a more consistent gaming experience than Alder Lake, even if average framerates remains consistent.

Raptor Lake Gaming Performance Tested - Does Intel's i9-13900K impress?

Average Gaming Performance - 1080p to 4K

On average, Intel's Raptor Lake i9-13900K delivers a 4.46% increase in average framerate across all tested games. When it comes to minimum framerates, performance boosts average around 27.99%. At higher resolutions, performance gains are smaller, for the most part. 

Overall, Raptor Lake can deliver more consistent framerates by increasing minimum framerates, resulting in fewer noticeable performance dips. Even so, Intel's Raptor Lake flagship does not deliver huge performance gains to gamers, outside of the minimum framerate metric. 

Raptor Lake Gaming Performance Tested - Does Intel's i9-13900K impress?

Power Draw

In terms of power draw, Intel's i9-13900K consumes more power than Intel's i9-12900K in most games, though in some titles the i9-12900K consumes slightly more power. In the tests below, the i9-13900K can consume up to 162 watts of power, with the i9-12900K consuming up to 138 watts of power. 

In these tests, the i9-13900K can consume up to 44 watts power power than the i9-12900K, though in one test the i9-12900K consumes 3 watts more. 

Raptor Lake Gaming Performance Tested - Does Intel's i9-13900K impress?

In general, the i9-13900K does not deliver an insane level of gaming performance, at least when compared to its last-generation counterpart. Even so, higher minimum framerates will give i9-13900K users an edge.

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