Threadripper has been dellided - Confirmed to be soldered

Der8auer sacrificed his CPU so you won't have to

Threadripper has been dellided - Confirmed to be soldered

Threadripper has been dellided - Confirmed to be soldered

The world famous Overclocker Der8auer has de-lidded one of AMD's new Ryzen Threadripper 1950X CPUs in a recent video, proving once and for all that AMD's new Ryzen series CPUs are soldered.  
This means that AMD's Threadripper CPUs should not be de-lidded by consumers, as it will most likely result in a dead CPU and at best will only result in a minimal change in idle/load temperatures. Der8auer killed his CPU during the delidding process, showing that even a world renowned delliding expert will have difficulty with Threadripper.    
One startling revelation in Der8auer's video is that Ryzen Threadripper uses 4 total CPU dies, casting doubt on AMD's core CPU configurations. In theory, Ryzen Threadripper is supposed to be two 8-core dies working together, though this setup shows that there are either two inactive CPU dies in this setup or that this setup is running with all four Dies with 4 CPU cores active in each.  
AMD has stated that Threadripper has only two active CPU dies, though this will have to be confirmed by end users at a later date. 

Intel's use of a thermal compound/paste in their modern consumer processers has given their CPUs stricter thermal limitations, as thermal compounds have a lower conductivity than a direct solder, leading to raised temperatures, especially when overclocking. 


Threadripper has been dellided - Confirmed to be soldered


The revelation that AMD's Threadripper CPUs have four CPU dies instead of two offers some interesting options for AMD, giving them the potential to unlock additional cores to potentially deliver up to 32-cores on their X399 socket in the future, provided that these parts could be reactivated.    


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Most Recent Comments

27-07-2017, 17:02:54

So ryzen dies that cannot run with all 8 cores is put in TR to use as big a percentage of dies as possible? Or how does this work?
The size is just crazy looking forward to seeing the performance.Quote

27-07-2017, 17:17:34

IIRC each one of those things you see in there is a quad core unit. So there are four quad core units in the 16 core, for example. The 12 core will probably use three fully functional units. I doubt they will use failed units in TR, that's what the R3s are for.Quote

27-07-2017, 17:28:44

They more than likely take failed cores. I don't think they would disable any. If people found a to go from 16 to 32 cores..... Yeah imagine how that's gonna go.

Or like WYP said, just only two active dies. Keeps costs down instead of having to redesign a new cpuQuote

27-07-2017, 18:12:49

This brings back memories of unlocking Intel cores. And the boards actually marketed unlocking ability.

This could be their leftovers from EPYC CPUs, and i mean literally. I don't think AMD would go through all the fuss with putting, and soldering dead dies on PCB. I always thought that TR will be with all functioning dies but every die will have some of the cores dead. This makes things interesting.Quote

28-07-2017, 05:56:03

These are EPYC CPU's that are used as threadripper, Der8auer actually wondered if the cores could be reactivated so that you have a 32 core CPU again, and this also debunks Intels glued together rubbish too as there are 4 cores not 2 Ryzens glued togetherQuote

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