XFX Redefines Motherboards With The nForce® 650i Ultra

News Posted 18/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: XFX

Official Press Release

Official Press Release

Overclocking is no longer the exclusive realm of veteran gaming enthusiasts, thanks to the recent release of the XFX 650i Ultra motherboard. This new NVIDIA® nForce® 650i media and communications processor (MCP) comes enabled with comprehensive overclocking tools for greatly expanded performance right out of the box.

Specifically, the nForce® 650i Ultra MCP will immediately expand the power of a user’s PC. The motherboard features NVIDIA® nTune™ utility, which enables users to adjust CPU and memory speeds without rebooting. Users also can access most BIOS settings from inside Windows and are able to save and automatically load profiles for each application that is run.

The 650i Ultra also features a state-of-the-art Dual DDR2 memory controller that ensures that data and information are relayed through the user’s system super fast for incredible performance.

In addition, the motherboard comes with NVIDIA® FirstPacket™ technology, which gives users crystal-clear phone conversations and exceptional online gaming performance. Game data, VoIP conversations and large file transfers are delivered based on preferences established by the user through an intuitive wizard.

Other outstanding features include NVIDIA® MediaShield™ Storage, Multiple Disk Setup, DiskAlert, RAID Morphing, Bootable Multidisk Array, four SATA 3Gb/s drives, High Definition Audio and USB 2.0.

To learn more about the XFX nForce® 650i Ultra or to locate a participating e-tailer, go to www.xfxforce.com.

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